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The emirate of Abu Dhabi is the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. This tiny city has a significant contribution to the richness and wealth of this highly developed nation. Abu Dhabi houses several top notch places along with a pretty heritage that should be discovered by each and every traveler who visits this beautiful nation.

If you have plans to visit the country, then this article about Abu Dhabi emirates will provide you with the perfect guide to everything in this city.


It is known by all that the weather around the UAE remains hot throughout the year. If you are someone who would like to beat the heat, then you can visit Abu Dhabi during the months of February and November. During these months, the temperature is somewhat cool and mild. You should note that the temperature around the desert can drop down at night. Hence, make sure to pack comfy winter wear that would accompany you throughout the tour.

If you have plans to visit the country just for the comfort of the pristine beaches, then you should visit Abu Dhabi during the months of October, April, or March. During these months, the temperature is not that hot.

The months between May and July are extremely hot and humid. Though off-season, you will get cheap hotels and tour packages. But, the Abu Dhabi weather will tire you.

However, Abu Dhabi temperature does not matter if you are going to stay indoors. This is because the interiors of hotels, malls or any other building have comfortable air conditioning systems.

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Today’s Abu Dhabi is far from what it used to be years before. The rustic island that was discovered years ago has developed into something extravagant is no time. While there are several skyscrapers and luxuries, the traditional emirati culture still prevails.

Abu Dhabi is also known to promote its culture and heritage very much. If you take your time out and go for Arabic poetry reading sessions, dhow boat ride, a camel ride, or visit a museum, you will get to experience the rich culture and heritage of this nation.

Abu Dhabi language is Arabic. The men and women wear traditional dress. Women wear a long robe-like dress covered fully. They also wear a hijab to cover their head. Men wear white shirts with red or white checkered headdresses. 


This magnificent emirate has several places that you can visit to have a fun vacation with your loved ones. Let’s look at the list of the places below:


This is your dream place for shopping, entertainment as well as leisure activities. All the entertainment packages are combined in this huge mall situated in this emirate. You can try several amusements and buzzes, go to a mangrove tour at the yas beach. You can also pick up some items from the Ikea store.


This public beach offers fun as well as recreational activities altogether. This is also one of the most happening tourist destinations in the country. This beach offers water sports, bistros, and also retail therapy.


The Al Lulu Island is backed up by fantastic beaches, exotic water, and several beach activities including water sports to make it one of the most popular places in Abu Dhabi. The island also stretches from the breakwater to the Zayed sea port.


This is one of the most beautiful and sprawling parks in Abu Dhabi. The park was initially meant to be made only for children and women. The park was named as mushrif central park because it is located in the central park of Abu Dhabi.


If you like to buy luxury collections, then this is the place. This is one of the largest and also the most luxurious malls in Abu Dhabi. The mall combines several entertainment and leisure activities that will keep you engaged.

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For a place that was largely built in this millennium, there are tones of luxurious Abu Dhabi hotels where you can stay.


If you like a castle-like stay vacation, you need to book this hotel right now. This is an ultra five star hotel run by a German hotelier. The hotel is also located at the heart of Abu Dhabi close to places of interest for tourists.


The Dubai based Jumeirah hotels have become synonymous with luxury and style. The hotel has 382 rooms that are modern as well as lovely. The hotel is set in the western part of Abu Dhabi and is not close to the popular tourist attractions.


This hotel claims enormous loyalty and luxury. The hotel was opened in 2016 and has gained several frames and recognition since then. The hotel also houses several eateries that have really unique menus worth trying.


The rosewood hotel really appeals to visitors with its first-class finesse and personal butler service. The hotel’s room has been created with keeping ultimate luxury in mind. There is a spa which is extremely elegant.


This is a private beach resort that is set in the city. Nurai island also shares its coast with the popular saadiyat island which is famous for its fun and recreational activities. 

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  •         You should know that the majority of the Abu Dhabi population is really conservative. Hence, it is your duty to respect the rules and traditions.
  •         Smoking is prohibited in public areas. There are some places where smoking is legal and you must always look at the signs before lighting a cigarette.
  •         The city is considered extremely safe. However, you need to be wary of your personal belongings. Do not trust your belongings with strangers, and if you are traveling alone, take extra precautions.
  •         The city falls under the subtropical region that faces extreme humid temperatures nearly all year round. So make your plans during the less hot months and do not forget to carry comfortable summer clothing with you.
  •         Tipping is generally not expected in Arab nations. Instead of that, a service charge is already added in the bills. You can however tip according to your satisfaction.
  •         There are four major modes of transport in the city. They are the taxi, bus, rental or private cars. You should choose the travel mode depending upon your budget.

A visit to Abu Dhabi emirates would be one of the best vacations you would ever have. The city is known to amaze visitors. So don’t wait up. Book a visa with us and get ready to experience this thrilling and beautiful vacation with your friends and family.

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