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Emirates Visa for Vanuatu Citizens

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Vanuatu has no diplomatic relations with the United Arab Emirates, so even the Emirates visa for Vanuatu citizens to get a visa for the UAE can be quite hard. Recently in Abu Dhabi (UAE), the Emirates General Consulate in Vanuatu launched a three-year visa for Vanuatu citizens. This move is aimed at the growth of tourism in the UAE and will allow Vanuatu citizens to travel to the UAE for a long period. It is expected that this visa will encourage more Vanuatu tourists to visit the UAE. This blog explains how you can obtain a Visa for the Emirates.


What is the Emirates Vanuatu Visa Cost

The United Arab Emirates has announced that it is waiving the visa fees for Vanuatu citizens and will allow visas on arrival for them. The move is part of the UAE’s wider plans to provide visa-free entry to citizens of 80 countries. 

Vanuatu will be the second country to get the waiver after Tuvalu and the citizens of Vanuatu who wish to visit the UAE may apply for tourism, visit or transit visa online. The fee for a single entry visit visa is USD 130 and the fee for a multiple entry visit visa is USD 350. The 48 hours transit visa fee is USD 70 and the 96 Hours Visa transit visa fee is USD 130.

How to Apply for an Emirates Vanuatu Visa

With the UAE’s new visa rules, Vanuatu citizens will now be able to travel to the UAE with their UAE visa on arrival and their valid Vanuatu passport. The new visa rules were announced recently by H.H. Sheik Abdullah Bin Zayed, UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation during the Intergovernmental Committee for Promoting the Development of the GCC Countries’ Interior Ministers Meeting. The UAE’s new visa rules are considered to be a huge step towards easing the visa process for countries that have not been included in the GCC, GCC plus, and other countries rules.

The UAE has been a popular destination for many ex-pats who have work or family requirements that necessitate that they live outside of their home country. Citizens of Vanuatu may apply for an online Emirates visa. It takes a few days to process your visa application.

Why do Vanuatu citizens need an Emirates visa

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has a reputation for being one of the most liberal and tourist-friendly countries in the Middle East. The UAE is made up of seven different emirates, which are all autonomous and have specific laws and cultures.

Moreover, the Emirates visa is a great opportunity for Vanuatu citizens to visit many countries and get a chance to discover the world. As a citizen of Vanuatu, you can gain access to many countries across the globe by getting an Emirates visa. There are many rewards of having an Emirates visa, such as:

  • Limited processing time: It takes a few days to process an application for an Emirates visa. 
  • Limited interview requirements: An interview is not required to get an Emirates visa. 
  • A wide variety of categories: Emirates visa offers multiple categories, including tourism, medical treatment, business, and more. 
  • Flexibility: You can use an Emirates visa for a single trip or multiple trips. 
  • Fast processing: It takes five business days to process an Emirates visa application.
  • A cost-effective visa: The cost of an Emirates visa is less than some other countries' visas.
  • No need for a medical exam: Emirates visa does not require a medical exam
  • No age limit: There is no age limit for getting an Emirates visa.


What are the Emirates Visa Requirements

The UAE has always been a welcoming and inviting country for people of other nationalities. Businessmen, tourists, students, and other travelers flock to the country every year to enjoy its beautiful sights and to catch a glimpse of its rich culture and heritage. However, for some, the UAE can be a difficult country to enter. The process of getting an Emirates visa can be difficult. The process of getting an Emirates visa is not easy, so it’s important to apply for a visa properly and submit a few necessary documents for the Emirates visa

  • You need to submit the filled-out visa application form.
  • Provide a copy of the passport with validity for a minimum of 6 months.
  • The applicant must have a copy of a hotel reservation 
  • The applicant must have a copy of an invitation letter from a sponsor in the UAE.
  • The applicant must have the return tickets and a copy of the tickets.
  • The applicant must have a copy of the medical insurance valid for the UAE.
  • The applicant must also have a copy of the latest bank statement of the applicant
  • The applicant must have a copy of his or her Emirates ID
  • The applicant must have submitted a receipt of the visa application form.



The UAE (United Arab Emirates) is a country located in the Middle East and is part of the six-member UAE federation. It is a federation of seven different emirates (principalities). The UAE has emerged as a notable tourist destination in the recent past. There are many resorts and hotels in the UAE. It is also home to world-class hotels, restaurants, and luxury apartments. 

The United Arab Emirates has a lot to offer to tourists and has been ranked as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. The UAE attracts a lot of tourists and it is ranked as the fastest-growing tourist destination in the world.

In the United Arab Emirates, an Emirates Visa for Vanuatu citizens is a program that allows Vanuatu citizens to travel to the UAE for ten years, with the possibility to renew the visa for another ten years. The program is a unique initiative by the UAE government. In this article, we tried to give you a brief about the Emirates visa. We hope you liked this article and if you have any doubts you can also take the guide from here.

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