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common reasons for emirates visa rejection

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Wondering why after you have requested, your Emirates visa has been rejected? If all your wishes and aspirations were achieved in that decision, visa denials could be utterly catastrophic for you. A minor error can impede the process of visa approval and reject your application for the Emirates Visa. Travel schedules are being spoiled, and the dreams that distant friends and family members can encounter are being ruined. In this article, we have mentioned Common reasons for Emirates Visa rejection that you should keep in mind while applying for Emirates Visa.

Every year, many people visit Emirates. Regardless of whether it is a visitor, a corporation, or an exporter in the region, the amount of visa applicants received each year by the UAE authorities is astounding. It's anxious to apply for a visa to Emirates, also to us. For your Emirates visa to be denied when you know that you can't manage those circumstances, we advise you to know a few things; why don't you consider now rather than planning acts later on? Before applying for a visa, it is therefore always prudent to know the basic Visa rules and laws.

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10 Top Common Reasons for Emirates Visa Rejection

Incomplete Visa Applications

Incomplete or false applications, passports with less validity, damaged passports, pending documentation, and incompatibility with form arrival and air ticket travel dating will lead to a denial. In contrast to the specifics on the passport, gaps in the application form's information will also result in a visa denial.

Overstay in Emirates When Last Visited

If an applicant overstays in the United Arab Emirates after a prior visa stay, he may face delay or denial. Often people visit Dubai for tourism and live in the UAE long after their visa is expired; they view it as excessive – subject to fines and repercussions.

What happens if you live in the UAE after the grace period and cannot afford excess fees? Anything that could happen could happen:

  • The blacklist in your name
  • The face of Ban on Immigrants
  • You can spend up to 3 months in prison
  • A deportation order can be provided

Handwritten Passports

Not only in the UAE but everywhere else in the world are handwritten passports now accepted. Applicants with the same name, date of birth, or even denial with much scrutiny, may face delays in visa care.

Visa Application Errors

If you have a number (s), name, spellings, code, and essential information such as date of birth, issue of passport, and date of expiry of the documents you provide for your visa, you could face refusal.

 Non Cancellation of Previous Emirates Visa

If you had a residential visa previously and did not have it canceled before leaving the country for good, then the authorities would reject your visitor visa application. An individual's former residence visa in the UAE immigration department would have to be cleared in any scenario.

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Not Visiting the Nation after Getting the Visa Previously

Suppose you applied before but did not move to the Emirates. Some citizens also have a prospective employer who has applied for a work visa but has not also reached the country during the duration of the visa's validity. In this scenario, a PRO or an organization can first cleanse your previous visa in immigration before applying for another.

Blurred Scans of Passport or Photos

If your photocopies are bubbling or if your images are insufficiently transparent, the UAE authorities will certainly postpone your visa if you don't deny it.

Profession Mentioned in the Passport

Visas may be rejected if the occupation above is "unqualified" in compliance with its requirements. It is understood that the UAE authorities refuse producers, employees, and the like a visa.

Previous Involvement in Criminal Activity

Records of criminal, corruption, bribery or other likes in the UAE will be denied by UAE immigration to visa application applicants. To prevent criminals from joining, the UAE and Gulf countries adopt a common blacklist.

Similar Family Identity

If you fly with your family and other families have common names or dates of birth in the family, you may have to face a visa denial or await. For example, if a family of five registers together and two individuals share their documents of the same name or date of birth, they will be forced to clear it before gaining permission.

Other factors can result in a visa rejection from Emirates, but many fall under the criteria mentioned above. Here are a few things you can do to prevent denial if you want to see some hope that the dismissal is reversed or the second submission approved:

  • Please ensure that the validity of your passport for Dubai visas is at least six months.
  • Make sure the fields are correctly filled out. Avoid factual or spelling errors of some sort.
  • You should have legitimate documentation that you apply for.
  • Before applying for a new Emirates visa, make sure your old visa is not valid.

UAE Immigration is the sole option to accept and deny the Emirates visa. It would be easier to rely on a travel agent to do the need if you are confused about the visa application process. They have the right experience and expertise to help you in applying for a visa.

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Final Words

Book your upcoming vacation in UAE? You will collect your visa from our Visa Specialist online on time without stress. By now, you must be clear about all the Common Reasons for Emirates Visa Rejection. So next time when you apply for Emirates Visa, remember not to make these mistakes. For a hassle-free visa process, you can apply for Emirates Visa at EmiratesVisa.

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