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Things to do at Dubai Creek

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Dubai Stream is a saltwater creek that runs through the centre of Dubai. Due to its popularity, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. In Dubai, those who have made an impact on the city have been able to experience both its traditional and modern cultures.
Due to an extension project, Dubai Creek will circle around the city and reach the Gulf of Jumeirah. A natural condition has been maintained for the major attraction at Dubai Creek as well as all of its subordinate attractions.
Bur Dubai, located to the southwest, is the traditional centre of the city. This location has a traditional appearance that is influenced by the architecture of the Middle East. Dubai's old cultural principles may be seen in its simplicity.
Deira Dubai is seen if you go north-east from Dubai Creek. This region is known for its high level of sophistication, as well as its use of current tastes and techniques. This city's luxuriousness is enhanced by its sparkling skyline. There are many things to do in Dubai at night in this area.
It is located at the end of Dubai Creek, a 620-hectare expanse of water that runs through Dubai. Dubai Creek has marshes, ponds, mud flats, and lagoons that you may photograph and record in your journals.

How to Reach Dubai Creek:

There is no direct link between Dubai Creek and the airport. You can get to Dubai Creek by taking the Metro from the airport to Deira City Centre. Walk towards City Centre Metro Bus Stop A once you have reached Deira City Centre Take the Line 53 bus to Maktoum Road from here. Maktoum Road and Dubai Creek are both within walking distance of one other. Hire a cab or Uber Dubai to drop you down at Dubai Creek instead of walking.

Best Time to Visit Dubai Creek

Although you may visit Dubai Creek at any time of the year, winter is the best season to come. Dubai's winters are warm and pleasurable, making them the ideal time to enjoy water sports. Anytime between November and March is a good time for a vacation to Dubai Creek.
The Dubai Creek is a centre for all Emirates' activities. The finest things to do in Dubai are all here. Even today, the quiet and serene Dubai Creek provides a variety of activities for everyone to enjoy.
  1. Al Fahidi Fort: It is a must-see on your Dubai Creek itinerary if you enjoy history. The Dubai Museum, Al Bastakiya District, and Heritage Village are all museums that date back to 1787 and need your urgent attention. This building is one of the oldest in the city, making it a distinctive location.
  2. Ride a cable car: A cable vehicle dangling 30 metres above the earth may be seen as you approach the Dubai Creek. The 14km long Dubai Creek is best viewed from a cable car. A cable car ride should last around an hour.
  3. Go Cruising: Cruising Dubai Creek is a great way to enjoy the soothing sound of its flowing waters. If you still have time, take a water taxi or a wooden dhow trip; you'll feel better.
  4. Dubai Dolphinarium: On the other side of the creek lies the Dubai Dolphinarium, an aquarium that is solely devoted to bottlenose dolphins. Be sure to take as many selfies with them as you can if you have the chance to visit. 
  5. Simply stroll: If nothing else works, you can always stroll down the alley. Unbeknownst to most people, hundreds of visitors love strolling around Dubai Creek's Dhow Wharfage. Many of Dubai's most popular marketplaces may be found here.
  6. Spice shopping: Spice buying is a good option for people who wish to take something home as a memento of Dubai Creek. It has a spice store where you can buy a variety of spices and herbs for your cooking. Shopaholics can find a variety of alternatives in Dubai.
  7. Street performances: Dubai Creek's street shows have been a popular draw for decades. Many live concerts, musical performances, dramas, and fireworks displays have been staged here for the enjoyment of all visitors to the site. If you happen to be in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival, be sure to stop by this store. 


Tips for Visiting Dubai Creek: 

  • Locals in this region enjoy fishing, which is one of the most popular forms of recreation.
  • There are water taxis called abras that will take you from one location to another.
  • Dolphin selfies are allowed at the Dubai Dolphinarium.



Dubai Creek plays a crucial part in the establishment of Dubai's pride. Dubai Creek was intended to serve as a trading hub for India as well as for Africa. Currently, the stream may be explored via abra or water taxi. When visiting Dubai Creek, take a traditional dhow cruise. This beautiful skyline can be seen from the river as you float along it. The skyline appears to reflect the sun's beams during the day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is one of the most beautiful locations to visit in Dubai. Deira, located on the northern banks of Dubai Creek, is the city's most multicultural neighborhood, as well as the location of the city's famed souk. 

This is not just the emirate's first significant port, but it is also rich in historical value. Along with other ports in the Arabian Gulf, Dubai Creek has functioned as a secure harbor for commerce. In the 1950s, the stream broke through the earth to form a tiny canal. 

The natural Dubai creek from the Arabian Gulf, also known as Khor Dubai, covers 14km and is more than simply a relaxing place to walk in Dubai while enjoying the wind.

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