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Detail about miracle garden tour & price

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Dubai is a great place to visit and always has something new and exciting to offer whenever you visit the place. The infrastructural development of this country is remarkable whether we talk about the Dubai mall or the Burj Khalifa. Out of all these amazing places that Dubai has, there is one special place that will blow your mind as well as provides immense peace to every visitor. We are here talking about the Dubai miracle garden, as like its name this place is absolute and it is strongly recommended not to miss this place on your Dubai trip. In order to obtain a Dubai visa, you can visit our website Emirates Visa.
Today in this article, we are going to read about the trip to Dubai miracle garden and we will cover all the required information that you will need on your visit to this heaven. 


What To Explore In Dubai Miracle Garden? 

Dubai miracle garden promises to provide a bloom of fun, celebration, and excitement which is obvious as people also expect this for the world’s largest natural flower garden. This garden is just amazing to explore, every turn you take has something new for you. You can get tired of roaming in this huge garden but your eyes won’t stop staring at the beauty of this place. 

Attractions In Dubai Miracle Garden 

Providing attractions to visitors is an old habit of Dubai, the country has a number of attractions, and below these are the top 3 attractions that will amaze you in Dubai Miracle Garden.

Emirates A380 

One of the most well-liked aircraft in the world is the Emirates A380, which flies passengers. The Dubai Miracle Gardens made the decision to construct a life-sized floral recreation of the aircraft four years ago to celebrate this enduring favorite. The Emirates A380 aircraft is the most impressive feature of the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is also the largest structure ever created inside a garden and holds a Guinness World Record. Anyone may readily anticipate how big the wonder garden actually is given that this is only one of the numerous attractions in Dubai. In actuality, the enormous artwork is composed of 500,000 live plants and flowers that are routinely replaced to keep it looking new and lovely.

Teddy Bear 

Everyone loves teddy bears and it is obvious that everyone wants to have the biggest teddy they can fit in their place. As kids, we have all cuddled a teddy bear. With its 12-meter-tall Teddy Bear exhibit, the Dubai Miracle Gardens brings this childhood favorite to life. The Teddy Bear is seen sitting in the center of the lawn, with a sweet red bowtie around its neck, and a vivid red flower topiary in its arms. Due to the popularity of this location throughout the world, you may discover a ton of images of this teddy bear on Instagram. The gorgeous bear is one of the top Dubai Miracle Garden attractions for younger visitors and a favorite photo opportunity for travelers at the Gardens.

Lake Park 

One of the most stunning features of the Dubai Miracle Gardens is the Lake Park, which is located in the middle of the gardens. Everyone wants to be sitting near a body of water with lush vegetation all around them. The flower gardens surround the crystal-clear lake on both sides, with mills situated on one side and Flower Villas on the other. Along the lake's edge are models of ships and boats that are painted with vibrant flower designs. This utopia is a place where one may pass hours without becoming bored. The intricate and dramatic spectacle compels one to stay for a bit and take a few shots before leaving.


Dining Options In Dubai Miracle Garden 

Dubai miracle garden has a lot of dining options for visitors. You just can’t explore the garden at once, breaks are required to gain all the energy for the rest of the park as there is nothing that you would think to miss once you enter the park. Dining options available in the Dubai miracle garden are:

  • Ammen 
  • Starbucks 
  • Froyo Land 
  • Gelato 
  • Mr. Sugar
  • Passion Fruit Juice
  • Candy Store
  • Rukn Al Sundus
  • Hardees 

Dubai Miracle Garden 

It would be a good idea to learn the opening hours in advance if you intend to visit Dubai Miracle Garden. The Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes tourists as soon as winter arrives in November and is open until March. At ten in the morning, the gates open. The month of November itself is the greatest time to go since there are fewer people around and you can explore the park more thoroughly. The Dubai Miracle Garden's official website will provide information on the opening dates for the park in 2021.

Dubai Miracle Garen Ticket Prices 

Prices for the Dubai Miracle Garden vary depending on the age category. There is an admittance charge of AED 55 for adults, AED 40 for children aged three to twelve, and none at all for those under the age of three. VAT is included in these ticket rates for the Dubai Miracle Garden. Another good incentive to see the Dubai Miracle Garden is the relatively affordable cost of the tickets. This magnificent floral park in Dubai is simply one more reminder of how extravagant Dubai is in all it does.



This article was about the trip to Dubai miracle garden and has all the related information about it. Dubai miracle garden is an absolutely amazing place to visit and spending a day in this garden will definitely go on the favorite things you do in Dubai. You can visit our website Emirates Visa and can easily apply for your UAE visa. All the required information regarding Dubai miracle garden like timing, ticket, etc are discussed in this article.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dubai Miracle Garden will debut on November 1, 2021, and be open through May 22, 2022. Therefore, you have plenty of time to process everything. We anticipate that you'll want to return to the park frequently.

At ten in the morning, the gates open. The month of November itself is the greatest time to go since there are fewer people around and you can explore the park more thoroughly.

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