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If you enter the UAE with family members, an Emirates family Residency visa is required. This visa requires parents, wives, and children to be funded (below 18 years of age). You will sponsor your partner, children, and other workers while your employer is a sponsor to live and work in the UAE. Here is the briefing on the necessary documentation and other relevant details about the Emirates Family Visa.

Basic Requirements Family Sponsorship 

  • Expatriate citizens of the UAE can support the family if the residence permit is valid. Male residents working in the UAE can apply for a minimum wage of $4000 or $3000 plus accommodation for their family members subject to conditions.
  • Since March 2019, an expatriate worker has been no longer allowed to sponsor his family. The government amended the previous rule under which an expat employee can bring his family to the UAE, given he is a member of one of the government's professions eligible for family sponsorship. An expat employee can now sponsor his family, providing that he meets the minimum wage requirement without bothering about his occupation.
  • The mother is not eligible to sponsor her children if the father residing in the USA satisfies the conditions for sponsorship.
  • As the sponsor, you may also contribute staff such as drivers and nanny maids, even though certain limitations are necessary. Women will have the ability to sponsor their own husbands provided they fulfill any additional conditions.
  • Both men and women under the age of 18 will be eligible to receive a new family residency visa and even to upgrade them, to pass fitness checks in officially recognized health centers. Both candidates, including HIV and tuberculosis, will be screened for communicable diseases. If they are not deemed fit, they are automatically deported.

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Emirates Family Residency Visa Duration

In the case of a residency visa filing, within 60 days of entry into the United Arab Emirates, a resident sponsor can do so. The status of a resident visa applicant must then be changed from the holder of an entry permit.

Family members earn one, two, or three years permit, depending on the type of their work, the sponsor's work deal, etc. Expat workers will be given a one or two year residence visa depending on the contract of employment, but expat employees will be issued a three- year residential visa.

Except for adult men who are trained and sponsored parents, visa duration is permitted as their sponsor after that period. Residence permits shall be issued each year for adult males and guardians, regardless of the length of a sponsor's visa.

Sponsoring Wife and Children in Emirates

As an expat citizen, you can sponsor your wife's residency visa provided that you satisfy the specific GDRFA sponsorship criteria. To sponsor your partner, you need a professional Arabic interpreter for your authenticated marriage certificate.

Only if she is unmarried may you send a sponsor to your daughter. If the child/s is only 18 or under 18, he/she will be supported. After the age of eighteen, the son will only be helped if he remains in the UAE. If he proves he is studying here, he will secure a visa before he is 21 years of age. The visa will only be issued annually and will be extended before his schooling is finished.

In the new law, which began in October 2018, a one-year residency visa is issued, valid for a term of another year, from graduation or 18 years. This rule applies to students graduating from colleges or high schools or 18 years old.

Parents do not need to deposit any bank accounts in compliance with the current regulations for such a visa. The first-time visa and extension will be Dh.100. However, parents may have to request properly accredited certificates of graduation from colleges or schools, in or overseas.

For stepchildren, the sponsor will still be allowed to sponsor the expat resident, given that he is expected to pay per child a deposit and a signed certificate of no objection from a biologically responsible adult. These visas for residency are valid for one year, renewable next year.

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Documents Required for Wife and Children Sponsorship

  • Online request or by approved type-office
  • Wife and children passport copies with a validity of at least six months
  • Wife and children's photos
  • Wife and children over 18 have Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Copy of the arrangement with a husband or business
  • Employer's wage certificate
  • Certificate of authenticated marriage (for wife)
  • Birth certificate duly approved (for children)
  • For daughters older than 18 years, they are unmarried by a signed decree.
  • Place contract registered
  • Last bill of utilities
  • Necessary fee for each order

Process to Sponsor Parents

As an expatriate employee, you can sponsor parents for a term of one year by paying each parent a deposit as a pledge, as defined by the respective department of immigration.

You can sponsor your parents if you have evidence that you are solely protective of them and that nobody can pay for them. The applicable document should be submitted as evidence for only one parent for persons with one parent (divorcee or widow/widower).

In addition to obtaining a medical care package for parents with minimum coverage for each parent, the minimum wage requirements must be fulfilled for supporting parents to be revisited each year. According to the government of Dubai, for the purpose of sponsoring parents' visas, a minimum wage of Dh.20,000 or a monthly salary of Dh.19,000 plus two bedrooms is required.

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Emirates Family Residency Visa Renewal

The family residence permits are related to the sponsor's residence permit. If the residency permit for the sponsor has been revoked, so the permits for workers must also be canceled.

The dependents are given a grace period for a new residency permit for 30 days from the date of the expiry of their visa. If the sponsor does not renew or revoke his dependents' permits, they are deemed illegal immigrants and will be eligible for legal fines.

So these are all the details about Emirates Residency Visa you must know if you are planning to stay in the nation for a long time. You can get your Family Visa or Emirates Family Residency Visa by getting in touch with Emirates Visa. So get in contact with them to avail your Emirates Family Visa.

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