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Residents moving to Emirates will find tremendous versatility in working in the Emirates, whether it is starting up a company or working as a freelancer. Initiatives have started to make it simpler and cheaper for freelance businesses to work in Dubai with the increasing popularity of the 'Gig Economy.' In this article, we will discuss Emirates Freelance Visa and other details related to it. 

What is an Emirates Freelance Visa?

The freelance license in Emirates is a license, which enables you to work as an independent contractor and can be renewed every year. The freelancer certificate is suitable for people who have a partner or a parent visa and only need a freelancer visa.

However, for individuals not sponsored by their parents or partners, the Emirates visa can also be applied for as an independent permit to reside in and work in the Emirates every three years and can be extended.

Why Apply Emirates Freelance Visa?

In Emirates, there are several industries in which you are qualified to become a freelancer:

  • Education 
  • Media
  • Tech

You are entitled to apply for a freelance visa to Emirates if you are pursuing professionals such as acting, publishing, journalism, advertisement, training, training, education, customer support, or web creation. 

Please notice that if you work in the tech industry, the Dubai Media City media sector, and the Dubai Technology Park in education, your autonomous permit will be provided by the Dubai Internet City.

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Benefits of Emirates Freelance Visa

A freelance and visa permit is required in Emirates for many purposes. Next, it helps you to work flexibly with many businesses. When you intend to work in one of the above sectors and don't want a 9 to 5 job, it might be your best career choice to become a freelancer in Emirates.

In addition, you can sell your services at slightly cheaper rates due to the flexibility of getting an individual visa in Emirates. 

With a freelance visa and permit, you can even be a freelance contractor for businesses in the UAE and access the business center of the free area.

You can also support family members with the freelance visa in Emirates to come and live in the Emirates with you. Be mindful, though, that your freelance permit and visa do not allow you to sponsor workers.

Steps to Apply for Freelance Visa

Applications for permission and Emirates freelance visas are now a straightforward process that only needs a few steps. In order to receive an individual visa in Dubai, you must first apply for a free license to be registered with the emirate as a freelancer.

Online Application for Visa

You may apply for an individual license in the UAE through the website of Select the apply Emirates visa and apply the necessary documentation and fill out the request form.

Documents Required For Emirates Freelance Visa

Some of the documentation needed to apply in Dubai include:

  • Resume/CV
  • Image latest 
  • Copy of the visa and passport (valid for at least 8 months)
  • Letter of reference to the bank
  • NOC from your UAE sponsor

You must demonstrate the evidence of the academic credentials that must be approved by either the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Council in your home country if you apply to the education sector. Please notice that You may also submit a portfolio or sample of your experience in the media industry if you apply. 

You can only choose one operation if you apply for a permit in education or the technology field. 

No Objection Letter from Sponsor

You will require a No-Objection Certificate from you before you apply for the permit, whether you are on a visa to your partner or relative. Also, you would require a NOC of your boss if you work in Dubai full-time and your company is funding the visa. Note, for the renewal of your Freelance freelance work permit, you do not need a NOC.

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Follow Up for Freelance Visa Application

You will be alerted when your application is accepting by email, which may be taking up to 10-15 days after your application has been submitted online. After that, you'll have to visit Dubai Knowledge Park, Dubai Media City, or Dubai Internet City, where you have to sign the papers and pay their fees directly. You will then get an email from Dubai to receive your freelance permit. 

Applying for Freelance Visa in Emirates

If your freelance license is issued, you will have access to TECOM's professional services portal, known as AXS, which was introduced in collaboration with the Dubai Development Authority (DDA). You may register for the establishment card first through this website, which will carry an extra charge. You can apply for a free work visa under the Dubai Development Authority (DDA), valid for three years, once you have obtained your establishment passport. 

Complete the Process for Emirates Residence Visa

You can obtain an entry permit within 5 to 7 business days after you have submitted a free visa application in Emirates. You will be needed to complete certain residence visa procedures in Dubai, such as the physical examination after you have obtained the entry permit (valid 60 days from the date of issue. When these processes are completed, the visa for your home is stamped and valid for three years after the issue date.

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So these are all the details you must need to know about Emirates Freelance Visa. For more information, you can contact the support team of EmiratesVisa. 

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