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Emirates is a country that is flourishing with business opportunities. This is the reason why people from across the world flock to this country to expand the horizons and try out something dynamic. For such people, the country has a different category of visas issued known as the emirates investor visa. Those who want to invest in the mainland or even at the free zones may apply for a UAE investor visa 2020.

However, it is important to note that the investor or partner visa application process varies as per the emirate that you are applying for. Hence, we have brought this article to provide you all the necessary details about the same. 


The UAE has always been an exciting prospect for an international business career. And through this visa, the people wanting to expand their business activities to this forever dynamic country can do so. These people can invest in the country, open a business, and stay in the country for a stipulated period of time.

This plan was introduced in 2018. The country started issuing long-term visas to the investors who were looking for opportunities in the country. These are basically 5 and 10 years. An investment of 5 million dirhams is needed for the 5 years visa, and 10 million dirhams for the 10 years one.

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The three types of investor visas are mentioned below:


To apply for the 3 year investor visa Dubai category, the applicant must have more than AED 70000 shares in a company in the country. He or she should also deposit a refundable amount of AED 10000. This amount is returned when the visa gets cancelled. People can also opt for a 3 year investor visa Sharjah. Also, for the people who do not have AED 70000 invested in a company, they have to deposit AED 20000 as the refundable amount.


To apply for this category, these criteria should be met:

  •         The person needs to invest in a property of at least 5 million, or they can also invest in a business with a capital of at least AED 500000. Also, note that for the business project, a credible incubator should be in the country present.
  •         The amount that has been invested in the real estate should not be done through loans or mortgage.
  •         The business or the property must be retained for a period of three months at least.


To apply for this category, the following criteria should be met:

  •         Deposit worth at least AED 10 million should be made at an investment fund in the country.
  •         A company must be established in a country that should have a capital of at least 10 million.
  •         The applicant must be a partner in a business with shares that are at least worth 10 million. 


This visa based on an investment in a property may be the best option for people who want to settle in the country and think that the UAE would be a better option as compared to their home country.

For people like this, investing in a property would be the best option to avail this permit. It should be noted that the property has to be bought and not gifted. You can apply for the same if your property is worth AED 1 million and the mortgage upon that is not more than 50%. The investment has to be made in residential properties and not on commercial properties.

The cost of processing this permit would be AED 20000.

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The country is a business powerhouse and allows people to set up business enterprises in several areas. This visa can be availed by the people if they are registered under the Department of Economic Development, any free zone authority in the country, or Trakhees.

The shareholders of the company will get to stay in the country for a period of three years then. The children, spouse, and helpers would also get the same benefit as them.

To apply for this, the total capital shares must be worth AED 75000.


The investors in the country are now eligible for the 5 and 10 year visas. The UAE investor visa validity depends on the capital that you have or the amount that you invest. There are several Dubai investor visa benefits.

The 10 year visas are granted to specialists in medical, artistic, and other technical fields. Selected scientists and researchers can also avail this opportunity.


Expats who retire can also get to stay in the country for 5 years after they have crossed the age of 55 and are retired. They should meet the following conditions:

  •         The retired person should invest in a property in the country that should be worth AED 2 million.
  •         The retired person should have at least AED 1 million as savings.
  •         The retired person should have an active income of at least AED 20000 per month.

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The difference between investor and partner visas in UAE is that investors that hold professional licenses or free zone companies can get the former. The latter is granted to the owners of the limited liability companies. 


There are several UAE investor visa benefits. They are:

  •         The environment in the UAE for the investors is tax-free. There are no virtual taxes for the locals as well as the foreigners who hold this permit.
  •         The country has extremely developed infrastructure. The foreign investor would never feel the lack of anything.
  •         There are rarely any security threats in the country. There are no riots or negative surroundings in the country. Also, the crime rate of the country as well of the GCC nations is extremely low.
  •         Foreigners with the investor visa also get special legal protection. Those who possess this permit get the same opportunities as the residents of the country.  

Hence, the emirates investor visa is the pathway to a more dynamic opportunity that would open new boundaries for the people who want to do so.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The documents that you will need are:

  •         Copy of passport.
  •         Photograph clicked against white background.
  •         A MOA. It should show that the applicant has capital or shares invested in the company worth AED 75000.
  •         The immigration establishment card.
  •         The trade license
  •         Partnership contract.
  •         The bank statement for the last three months.

When your investor visa expires, you can opt for the renewal. However getting citizenship of the UAE is extremely rare. This is done in discretion of the federal authorities. And citizenship is offered only to the foreigners who have made exceptional contributions towards the country.

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