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A heaven for food lovers is the United Arab Emirates. The UAE's patrimony is quickly forgotten by serving a variety of cuisines in some of the finest restaurants. Easy and snappy, the UAE cuisine is flavoured by the local Emirati cuisine and the other cultural cuisines which shook the Emirati food scene. In this article, we will check out Emirates local cuisines that you must surely try out when you visit the United Arab Emirates.

One thing to do while visiting the UAE is to taste the traditional dishes of the region that reflect their geography, culture, and environment. Here are some of the best cuisines that you can try in the UAE.

14 Best Emirates Local Cuisines


Only let me put this here, regardless of how well your local shawarma will make your local food outlet, it absolutely cannot be compared to the real shawarmas found in UAE streets. This is a non-vegetarian food that is prepared by rolling in a fluffy flatbread with sliced chicken, lamb, or beef. It is full of fresh greens, onions, and different sauces that provide the lifeblood for the Shawarmas.

Sandwich of Shish Tawouk 

One of the hidden jewels of UAE not found by many visitors. It is popular among locals and can be easily found in any food of the Middle East. It is once again a non-vegetarian dish packed with thinly sliced chicken bits. The sandwich is a natural mix of spicy and savoury sauces, herbs, onions, and pickles.


A favourite in the region. It's a popular snack from Lebanon. It is a flavour of cheese that is baked in an immense oven. Any fruits, meats, or oils and spices may be added to the top. 

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Al Harees

Al Harees is usually served as one of the most traditional dishes of the UAE during weddings and other religious festivals, especially during Ramadan. This porridge-like meal takes a few hours to cook and is made with basic ingredients. The traditional way of making Al Harees is by combining beef, wheat, and salt in a pot and then cooking for a long time. A second solution is to boil wheat for several hours in mildly salted water, then add meat and cook for about 4 hours. While the time for planning is a little longer, the outcome is worthwhile.

Al Machboos

The Machboos is another UAE non-vegetarian food. Red meat, fish or shrimp, and rice are the main ingredients in Al Machboos. Seasoned with spices, Loomy (dried lemon), this dish in the UAE is quite a hit. The method of cooking is not too difficult and takes a few steps. The meat is first fried and removed from the pot until it is tender. Rice will be added to the stew, and beef, onions, spices, and other ingredients will be added to the dish after they have been well prepared. We propose that you make a wonderful meal with some raita and salad.


Fattoush is your choice if you are searching for any healthy choices to explore. The Levantine bread is served from fresh basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, blueberries, cabbage, garlic, lemon, and olive oil. This basic salad dish full of flavour, you'll be shocked to discover.


A slow-cooked stew, there is a popular UAE food made up of potatoes, onions, marrow, and pumpkin, including chicken, lamb or Goat, and roast vegetables. This stew is eaten on the top of the Rigag standard thin emirates. The use of chicken in the recipes can be achieved as a completely vegetarian dish. Rigag's flavorful stew is a sanctuary for foodies.

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Kousa Mahshi

Kousa Mahshi is a classic in the UAE and is made with rice or courgettes. It is also surmounted by yoghurt to add the edge and render for all food-lovers a lip-saving treat. Rice, garlic, and mint may also be eaten. Diners also advise that they feel all the food the dish has to bring with some Lebanese wine.

Shirin Polo

Shirin Polo is a specialty of UAE food, which is a mouthwatering Persian sweet rice. The recipe is conveniently used as the main course in special occasions such as Nowruz's, wetting sessions, and other special gatherings cooked with potatoes, candied citrus zest, and thin carrots, and slipped almonds. The sweetness of the rice varies everywhere.


Balaleet is a mixture of both salty and sweet ingredients. It is served on top of a thin omelette, prepared with vermicelli, sweetened with rosewater, cinnamon, and saffron. It is a popular Emirati breakfast meal and can be decorated before serving with some pistachios.


This dish is also known as ghuzi, and along with Al Machboos is used as national food in the UAE. It's a nutritious and filling dish made from rusted lamb or mutton, and some vegetables and food are eaten on top of the rice.


Fatteh is a richly flavoured three-coat dish for an early dinner. The lower layer is made of bread soaked in stock, chickpeas and cakes of stuffed eggplant, on the top, yoghurt and tahini sauce. You should add more spice to the dish, along with some paprika, peas, and pine nuts.

Chelo Kebab

Kebab's Chelo is one of UAE's finest cuisines. It's a simple but aromatic dish served on skewers on a bed of saffron-scented rice. It is advised that you cook this dish over a grill of carbon rather than a gas grill to make the best flavour.

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These are some of the best Emirates Local Cuisines that you must try when you visit the nation. To get entry to the nation, you must require an Emirates Visa, which you can obtain from, which is the best Online Service Provider for Emirates Visa. So book your tickets to Emirates, get your Emirates Visa, and visit the nation to enjoy its mouth-watering local cuisines.

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