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Tourism is widely popular in the UAE as it is a country of wonders and stardom with respectable hospitality. If you are an Azerbaijan nationalist planning to visit Dubai or any of the seven emirates of UAE, you must apply for a UAE visa application online for a specified duration of stay. To help you obtain your emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals, we help you by speeding up the process of your long-term UAE visa online.

With the flux of people visiting and immigrating, the government of UAE issues different types of emirates visas or visit visas. UAE visas for Azerbaijan nationals have each of these visas with varying stay permits depending on the purpose of your visit to the UAE. The entry permits on these emirates visa types have a set of regulations and requirements that the visitor has to fulfill. Although there are many emirates visa types the short-term visas are emirates transit visas and tourist visas.

Depending on the emirates visa type, the stay permit on an emirates visa can range from the duration of 48 hours a day to long-term yearly visas allowing multiple entries permits as per the objective of your visit. The UAE government issues an Emirates visa on arrival depending on the duration of stay and the specific nationalities. Although, GCC residents are not eligible for an emirates visa on arrival, however, other specific nationalities can obtain a Dubai visa on arrival, whereas, some have to apply for an emirates visa in advance.

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Emirates visa for Azerbaijan Nationals:


Types of emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals:

These are the emirates visit visa or tourist visa that Azerbaijan nationals can apply for:

Tourist visa with a validity of 58 days:

  •   14 days visa single entry
  •   30 days visa single entry and multiple entry visa with extension
  •   90 days visa single entry and multiple entry visa with extension

Transit visa with a validity of 14 days:

  •   48 hours single entry
  •   96 hours single entry

How to apply for an Emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals?

To get an emirates visa, you can easily obtain it online via emiratesvisa through the following steps:

  •   When the page uploads, select the Citizenship Country and Living Country. After selecting, click on the "Apply Visa for Emirates" tab.
  •   Choose the emirates visa type you need depending on the purpose of your visit.
  •   After checking the processing time, the visa fees, emirates visa validity, process fees, etc. click “Proceed to Apply”.
  •   The tab takes you to a general form fill-up wherein, you are required to fill in your details and upload your documents.
  •   After filling in the details and uploading the document, click on “Proceed to Pay” and use the preferred payment gateway options available to make the payment.

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UAE visa requirements to obtain emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals:

To apply for an emirates visa, you will require the following documents:

  •   Your passport-sized photograph: Your passport-sized photograph must be captured with a white background for official purposes.
  •   A copy of your passport must have a validity of 6 months with a clear print of passport ID and personal details in the copy of your passport. 
  •   Your original emirates visa application form can be accessed in Arabic or English.
  •   Emirates ticket: A copy of your return ticket confirming your return under the stay permit.
  •   Copy of National ID for Azerbaijan nationals; for other Nationals copy of work permit/ residence visa in Azerbaijan or Dependent visa.

To obtain an emirates visa for Azerbaijan nationals, you must follow the UAE visa requirements.

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