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Generally, whenever you are traveling to Dubai or any seven emirates of UAE, you are required to apply for an emirates travel visa. If you do not belong from any of the emirates visa-free countries or visa on arrival, you will have to procure your emirates visa based on the purpose of your visit. Are you planning to make a trip to UAE? Here’s how we can help you by speeding up the processing of your emirates visa for Bangladesh nationals. The United Arab Emirates is a dreamland for everyone due to its luxurious seven ultramodern emirates of all times.

It is not only a dreamland for tourists but it is a hope of living a dignified life for expats. Although UAE is magnificent but it is affordable too, this feature ranks it as the most desirable destination to earn a living. Although, applying and obtaining an emirates visa might be mandatory for many nationalists traveling to UAE. However, the government of other countries place the authority of administering entry restrictions on the citizens of the UAE.

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Emirates visa for Bangladesh Nationals:

With the recent turn of events, there have been instances of reporting for UAE visas for Bangladeshi latest news in 2020. These updated reports suggest that there is an evident Bangladeshi visa ban in UAE. The government of UAE has stopped issuing all kinds of entry permits for Bangladeshi passport holders. This has raised a series of questions, the most important ones being: can Bangladeshi get a UAE visa?  Is UAE visa open for Bangladeshi citizens?

All of which has been duly answered by the authorities of the UAE government. The reason following the Bangladeshi visa ban in UAE was due to the breach in security. There have been rising instances wherein, Bangladeshi nationals have had their visas withheld due to security concerns over identification and fake documents. The Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Interior had announced in the Gulf News that the suspension of issuing visas for Bangladeshi citizens is not permanent and there is no such ban on visas.

Types of emirates visa for Bangladesh Nationals:

The entry permits grant will return as soon as the number of these issues are resolved by the government of Bangladesh. Meanwhile, there will be no new visits or issuing of UAE visit visas for Bangladeshi, resident visas, tourist visas or any other emirates visa for Bangladeshi nationals.

Weeks before the visa suspension was put in effect, hundreds of Bangladeshi citizens were arrested for entering the UAE with illegal documents as many of these nationals were found carrying forged passports and visas.

However, as and when this issue gets resolved, the UAE government has facilitated the process of issuing visas for Bangladeshi citizens. If you are a Bangladeshi national, you must obtain your emirates visa by applying for an Emirates visa online. These are the list of emirates visa for Bangladeshi Nationals to travel to UAE:

  • Visit visa               
  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Family visa
  • Other visas

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UAE travel requirements for Emirates visa for Bangladesh Nationals:

Front and last page of your passport: The front page includes your demographic details consisting of your passport-sized photo and your personal details. Whereas, many other nationalities have crucial details on the last page of their passport. In case, your nationality does not have any information on the last page of your passport, you can attach the first page.

Residence Proof: This requirement is only applicable if your nationality and your permanent residency are not the same. In this case, you will have to produce proof of residence or submit your residency visa along with the passport.

Passport-sized photograph: Passport-sized photos required for any official document must be captured on a white background being as recent as 3 months.

Validity of your passport: Your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months for you to be eligible to apply for a UAE visa online. The print of the passport ID in the copy must be visible.

Check whether you require an emirates visa before booking a ticket: The UAE government issues an emirates visa on arrival depending on your nationality. However, you can apply for a pre-arranged visit visa from Dubai immigration, in case you do not fall under the emirates visa on arrival category.

You must produce the requirements and follow the UAE travel restrictions to obtain your emirates visa for Bangladesh Nationals.

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