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Emirates - an extremely popular tourist destination witnesses people from the entire world for several purposes from tourism to business. With so many people visiting the country every year, the Dubai airport has been the busiest one in the world. Increasing tourism and other growth opportunities have led to the increase of internet fraudsters too. With the internet being flooded with several fraudsters, it is important to check if your emirates visa is original or fake.

Now, you must be wondering about how to check UAE visit visa is original or fake, then you have just landed in the right place. This article provides an entire guide to get to know whether your permit is a valid one or not. 

What Are The Causes For These Fraudulent Activities?

The issuing of an entry permit UAE has been a tough task since its introduction. The country has imposed some severe strict rules regarding the visa policy. This basically means that everyone can’t possess a permit. They have to fulfill the eligibility criteria to get one. Also, there has been an evident increase in the online visa system, which has in turn increased the number of fraudsters in the internet.

To make easy money and engage customers, many visa service providers try to sell fake permits. This hasn’t been just the case with tourist visas, but many companies try to provide fake employment permits too. In that case, the traveler is deported back to their home country.

What basically could be the root cause of such an increase in fraud? Let’s see:

  •         The agents try to give short-term permits to the travelers so they don’t get caught.
  •         Due to increasing use of the internet, the majority of the population depend on the internet without caring much about the cons of it.
  •         Increasing tourism to the UAE has even worsened this business.
  •         Several agents also try to provide previous permits at lower costs.
  •         Customers upon seeing low costs fall prey to such activities.

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How To Check Visa Is Original Or Not?

You can now easily do the Dubai visa check online. There are two basic ways to do that:

  •         Verifying through visa number
  •         Verifying through passport number

How Do I Check My Visa Number Uae?

  •         When you apply for a permit online, and when the permit gets processed, you will be provided with a copy of it.
  •         You just have to visit the GDRFA- Dubai website.
  •         You then have to select the file type. That means, you basically have to choose between an entry permit and residence options.
  •       In the next step, you have to enter the visa number. You can find that right in the visa. Make sure to enter it correctly and also double check for any mistakes.
  •         Enter the first name only. The name should be typed in English alphabets.
  •         Now, choose the nationality from the drop down list.
  •         In the last step, you have to enter the date of birth. It should match with the one in your passport.
  •         You then have to complete the captcha code to confirm that you can’t be a robot.

You will be shown all the details of the permit when real. The moment you see the name of the visa applicant, the expiry date, the issue date, and the other details, you don’t need to worry because the permit is genuine.

How To Check Visa Status Using Passport Number?

When the permit has been issued in some other emirate rather than Dubai, or if you aren’t familiar with the above process, you can still verify your visa by using your passport number. This has always been a very useful way to find out the genuineness of the agent. Suppose, your agent is refusing to provide you with the copy of the permit and asking for a prior payment. In this case, you can verify whether a permit has been applied under the passport.

To verify the permit, you can follow these steps:

  •         Select passport information from the search by option.
  •         Then select the type of the visa, whether it’s an entry permit or a residence.
  •         Next, you have to enter the passport number and passport expiry date. Always make sure to enter the information correctly. Double check and make sure that the digits are correct.
  •         Enter the nationality from the dropdown list.
  •         Complete the captcha verification to prove that you can’t be a robot.
  •         Click on the search icon on the right bottom of the screen.

A new box will open that will show you the information about the permits. Check for the permit that you have applied and match all the information. This should be done to know that the information entered has been entered correctly. If nothing can be seen on the screen, you should know that you have fallen prey to the fraudsters. This process can be valid only for Dubai visa check by passport number only.

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Documents Required For Visa

 There are several documents that you may need while filling out the application form. Certain agents who are a fake try to sell a permit without these documents, or may even ask for lesser documents. The documents that are needed to get a permit are:

  •         Duly filled in the application form with all the correct details.
  •         A valid passport that shouldn’t expire within 6 months from the date of journey.
  •         Passport size photographs clicked against a white background.
  •         Bank statement for the last 6 months. This will basically assure the authorities that you have enough funds for personal expenses in the country.
  •         Flight tickets as a proof that you have plans to return back to the home country once the permit expires.
  •         Travel insurance that will cover the medical expenses in case of accident or injury.

If you find any service provider who is willing to give you a permit without these documents, you should avoid contacting them again. 

How To Avoid Visa Fraud?

The internet safety lies somewhat in the hands of the user. You have to keep certain things in the mind while booking a permit.

  •         Try to avoid social media sites for this purpose. Most fraudulent activities can be found there.
  •         Don’t trust the agents that guarantee you to provide the permit at a low cost. You should know that a UAE entry permit comes at a certain official cost, and no company can charge you a lower rate for the same.
  •         Research about the company should be done before applying for a permit.
  •         Only trust the reputed travel and tourism companies.
  •         Don’t pay any money in advance.
  •         After applying, always go for the visa online check option and look at whether the permit is fake or not.

When you follow the tips given above and go through the process to check if your emirates visa is original or fake, you may be saved from the fraudsters.

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