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how to travel in uae

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a wonderful destination, and millions of tourists travel there each year to spend time with their loved ones. Under the UAE there are many countries but the most famous countries are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, etc. you can obtain your UAE visa through our website Emiratesvisa. The most common question that strikes our mind while planning to visit a new place is how you are going to travel and what options you have. To know more about the UAE, we will read about how to get around in the UAE. Let's get started.


Travelling Options In Dubai

About UAE Taxi Servies 

  • One of the greatest methods to travel in UAE and mainly in Abu Dhabi is by taxi. You can always get a cab, whether you're in the city or at the airport. Just keep an eye out for their distinctive yellow roof signs and silver livery.
  • You may either order a cab using the Abu Dhabi taxi app or wave one down on the street. You may use the app to find a ride within ten minutes of where you are right now on iOS and Android devices. You may also reserve taxis with bigger cars for families or wheelchair-accessible vans for tough people.

About UAE Shuttle Bus Services 

  • The Visit Abu Dhabi Shuttle Bus offers a free and convenient way to get to Abu Dhabi's top tourist destinations. Along two important routes, the air-conditioned and wheelchair-accessible buses make frequent stops at a number of the best hotels, attractions, and monuments in the emirate. Use the bus to get to places on Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Jubail Island, and the Grand Canal region of Abu Dhabi.
  • When visitors purchase tickets via the Visit Abu Dhabi website or through the confirmation of their hotel reservation, they are eligible to get complimentary shuttle passes.


About UAE Public Buses 

  • Although Dubai has a large and effective bus system (, it was primarily created to serve the requirements of low-wage ex-pat employees and is thus only of limited value to tourists because the majority of routes cover areas of the city that casual visitors are unlikely to wish to explore. 
  • Most routes start or end at one of the two bus stations—Gold Souk in Deira or Al Ghubaiba in Bur Dubai. Bus stops are properly marked, and some have air conditioning to keep waiting passengers cool during the sweltering summer months. Inside each shelter, you'll also find a helpful map of the bus system and other valuable information.

Car Rentals In Abu Dhabi

  • You may have the independence to go on your own and see places in the emirate like Al Ain and Al Dhafra by renting a car in Abu Dhabi. In Abu Dhabi, many rental car agencies are offering dependable cars and rental deals with maintenance, insurance, and round-the-clock help.
  • You will need a valid passport copy, a credit card, and a valid driving license, either from abroad or from your home country, to rent a car in Abu Dhabi.


About Noi Cards

  • The Nol system (wool. ae), which offers integrated ticketing throughout the whole transport network, covers nearly all of Dubai's public transportation services, including the metro, buses, and waterbuses.
  • You must purchase a prepaid Nol card or ticket in advance of your trip to utilize any of these modes of transportation. No tickets are sold on metro trains, buses, or waterbuses, however, cards may be bought and topped off at any metro station, at one of the 64 bus stations that have ticket machines across the city, or at Carrefour, Spinneys, and Redha Al-Ansari Exchange stores.
  • When you swipe your card through the metro ticket barriers to enter a bus or water bus, the necessary amount is automatically deducted from your prepaid account.

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This article was about how to get around in the UAE and has all the related information about it. Travelling in the UAE comes with a variety of options and you just have to choose which option suits you. According to your budget, you can choose whether you want to have a low-budget ride or a high-budget ride, in the middle option you can choose shuttle bus services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The subway or a cab are the two greatest ways to navigate Dubai. Even though Dubai's costs are expensive overall, a few trips in the cab won't break the budget. Additionally, they provide you the ability to go at your leisure without having to deal with traffic.

Dubai has progressively established itself as a globally accessible city that welcomes international visitors and enterprises as part of its transition towards a tourism-supported economy. Dubai has a variety of transit alternatives, making traveling simple.

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