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main benefits of having a travel insurance

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Travel Insurance is a lengthy procedure but it is one of the most crucial requirements before the trip is planned! Here’s how we can help you understand the importance of travel insurance. Many policies serve different purposes but the main benefits of having a travel insurance provides you with coverage to medical treatments, unforeseen circumstances or natural disasters, evacuation due to emergency, lost possessions, etc. These features provided by policies like travel insurance aid you in your expenses and benefit you in the long run.

Why invest in the main benefits of having a travel insurance?

Main purpose of travel insurance:

If you are traveling in the near future, the smarter move would be to invest in travel insurance. Like every investment, this investment reaps benefits as it offers a safety net to the travelers facing adverse risks during their travel. Going to exotic destinations may lead to unexpected accidents that may require immediate medical attention or circumstances such as cancellation of flights, losing your belongings, etc. Therefore, owning travel insurance combats these challenges comprehensively. This article explains the key features and benefits of travel insurance. 

Types of travel insurance:

There several types of travel insurance mainly depends on the company of your travel insurance. Different travel insurance agencies provide you with different kinds of insurance policies each with its set of pros and cons of travel insurance. Mostly, the travel insurance is divided into three categories based on your itinerary: Multi-trip insurance if you are traveling multiple times a year, Single-trip insurance – a single policy for one trip, and extend the policy for trips that have extended.

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What are the main benefits of having a travel insurance?

Protection against loss of possession: The travel insurance company will reimburse the cost of your baggage that is stated by the policy for the value of the checked-in baggage lost. This coverage covers from the time the baggage is entrusted for the check-in and the receipt is obtained till the time they deliver your belongings. Delayed baggage, lost passports, and important documents or damaged gadgets as per the policy you undertake.

Covering activities you participate in: Your travel insurance will cover the injuries incurred while participating in activities that are covered in your insurance policy to help you avoid expensive bills. Make sure that your travel insurance covers the activities you actively take part in.

Compensates for medical expenses: Injuries and illness are unexpected and unpleasant circumstances that can occur at any time without any prior notice. To cover for these emergency medical expenses, your travel insurance helps you to cover for your injuries or illnesses that were sustained during traveling. Your travel insurance covers any accidents, dental treatment, or medical treatment, expenses up to the limit that has been specified in your insurance policy.

Resumption of your travel itinerary: If at any point in time, your travel insurance will cover for some of the unforeseen circumstances that hinder your entire journey such as the death of your family or closed ones, cancellation of your airline booking by the seller of the hotel, financial bankruptcy of your travel insurance company that has offered the trips, etc. However, the coverage requirements differ in different travel policies, some may cover for the losses that have occurred before and during the travel commences, and some cover after and during the trip.

Reimbursement against cancellation: This section of reimbursing cancellation differs in every travel insurance policy. It begins from the payment of the single-trip policy and the starting date of your multi-trip policy. Your travel insurance will cover all the prepaid services such as reservation for hotel accommodation, transport, or hiring a car, and all such expenses that cannot be recovered from the source such that you cannot go for your trip. Go through your travel insurance policy to know about what all cancellations your policy undertakes.

Assists you with legal advice: If you are traveling and you need some guidance regarding your travel journey, you can reach out to your travel insurance company for seeking any legal claim for your trip. Some of the travel policies also cover for any legal advice required by the insured.

Personal accident: Your travel insurance will cover for your accidental death or permanent disability that has occurred at any point of your travel duration or a specified duration that your travel insurance company covers for. Your travel insurance will offer a set benefit of payment if you die or are disabled following an unforeseen accident during your trip.

Personal liability: This coverage is against the damage that is caused by you to a third person especially in international travel insurance policies. During traveling, if you by any chance cause damage to any third person who needs to be compensated, your travel insurance will cover the compensation charges. The liability to the third person could be in terms of damage to the property of the individual concerned. This coverage also differs in different travel insurance policies.

Credit card fraud, theft, or replacement: Your travel insurance will cover for any loss incurred during the travel duration such as fraudulent use of credit cards, replacing your credit card, and reimburse the costs for theft, travel cheques or documents, etc. if they are stolen during the trip.

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Check the main benefits of having a travel insurance before purchasing one:

Most of these features keep changing and differ from product to product. Therefore, before adopting a travel insurance agency, you must read through the insurance policy to understand what main benefits of having a travel insurance you can reap!

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