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can i travel to other emirates if i have a valid uae visa

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There are some rules for Emirates visas and there are entry permits in place to avoid terrorists to enter the country and also to avoid smuggling from other foreign countries.
The movement of the people staying in and outside the UAE is coordinated by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigner Affairs (GDRFA), many of the people traveling and visiting from foreign countries will require a valid reason to visit UAE and secure their allowance before entering the country. In this article, we have given an answer to the question can I travel to other emirates if I have a valid UAE Visa?


Permits and validity

One should not misunderstand the entry permits with the time of stay in the UAE. Validity of entry means the time by which the person can enter, whereas the time period of stay means the time until when the person has permission to stay. 

Entry Permits to enter UAE

With the commencement of the Emirates electronic visas, tourists and visitors find it much easier to travel to this part of the world. Entry to the UAE is allowed at two international airports they are- Dubai International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport.
Tourists require applying for Emirates visa when they make entry to UAE. UAE allows visas to GCC nationals; they are needed to show their GCC passport when they enter the UAE. GCC nationals will not need any permission or visa from sponsors or the people staying in UAE. Tourists can easily get an entry visa by going for a Dubai visa on arrival. 
Visa on arrival can be permitted for 30 days and 90 days as per the requirements. There would be a 10 days allowance on 30 days visa but only on getting an official stamp.

  1. UAE entry needs: 
    The requirements for UAE entry permits are –
    1. The applicant will need a sponsor who can apply for the individual and the sponsor can be:
    a. A local citizen.
    b. A person with permanent or temporary valid residency.
    c. He/she should be a hotel or tour operator.
    d. An individual should be a government entity.
  2. One should not carry any travel ban assets. If you do In such cases, you will need special permissions to re-enter the country.
    The local authorities who have been given the task of entry permits these individuals to work closely under procedures and regulations by the federal authority for identity and citizenship [ICA] and Directorates of residency and foreign affairs in each emirate.


It is illegal for an individual to work with a visitor’s visa and a tourist's Visa one should mandatorily have an employment visa to work in UAE. The individual should either have a work permit issued in his name. If not followed these rules and regulations are subject to heavy fines and even deportation. 

Visa application and the process are very hectic and time-consuming. But it even gets easier if you know the rules and regulations for the Visa. A visit visa would be required that is applicable for 30 days and is also extendable for 60 days. This visa is applicable for the age group of 18 years only if they are traveling with their parents and not alone.

The UAE ministry of interior issued several amendments for entry and exit into the country, both existing and recent ones. There are several types of visas in UAE such as there are multiple entry visit visas for employment and also for property owners and a new multiple entry visa category for people or tourists traveling for festivals, conferences, exhibitions, and seminars. There are changes to naming conventions. Like-wise the service visa has become a short-term visit single entry visa for work and business, while the mission visa is long-term yet a single entry visa for business and work. There is clarification made on the provision of a few visit visas in terms of the time period, the number of permissible stays,s and allowable activities when in the country.
The Emirates visa application form has become very easy as everything is technology base so the process has become much easier and on the go. Confirm and submit your documents, confirmed return air ticket, scanned passport and photo, and documents in the email, and finally make the payment and your visa will be ready. But the procedure for a Visa will change according to the type of visa one will apply for. 
 According to UAE Visa Rules and Regulations, one can travel to other emirates with a valid UAE visa. Dubai is one of the 7 emirates Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm ul-Quwain, Fujairah, and Ra’s al-Khaimah, Ajman, and a UAE visa will permit you to visit and travel across all & emirates.
Compliance with all the rules and regulations is very important from the beginning of an employee’s movement into the UAE, understanding the process and variants of UAE entry permits provides insight into the country’s immigration regulations. Every type of entry permit serves a specific purpose that sets regulations and conditions for a person to visit or stay in the UAE.

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