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dubai students of the future

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Dubai, once a modest fishing community on the Arabian Gulf, is now one of the world's most multicultural cities. The city is home to more than 200 different nationalities and is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It provides all tourists with an outstanding experience. 
Even though private schools provide 90% of the education in Dubai, the system still includes state institutions (some of which offer American, British, French, or other curricula, such as the French Baccalaureate). All children must attend school from the age of five to fifteen. English is widely spoken across the UAE and is also the predominant language of business and education as a result of the nation's extremely diverse population. You can graduate with an English degree that is recognized worldwide since the country's higher education system has been heavily impacted by western higher education institutions. Today in this article, we are going to read about the students of the future Dubai experiment. In order to obtain a Dubai visa, you can visit Emirates Visa


Uae Schools Preparing Students For The Future!

According to a recent assessment by the UAE Cabinet, which is led by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the "Emirati School Model" has improved. In order to "prepare generations capable of guiding the future of the UAE," this approach is being used in 800 public and private schools around the UAE. In order to guarantee that every aspect of a student's growth is given equal weight, the goal is to answer the demands of the labor market "via a current curriculum that provides multiple educational disciplines" in addition to focusing on extracurricular activities.
As a result, UAE schools are building a learning atmosphere that engages students and pushes them to think creatively by utilizing cutting-edge technology and novel teaching techniques. As part of their purpose for Vision 2023 and other programs aimed at diversifying the economy, the government is especially focused on creating additional vocational training institutions to meet the need for skilled workers from industry.

Points On Which Dubai Education Has A Major Focus 

 As the world is changing, the education system is also changing along with it. Students need some special guidance in specific fields so that they can create a good space in the market. These are the points on which the Dubai education system is currently focusing and has also reached a certain level. 

Critical Thinking 

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 37% of employers place the highest premium on this talent. Today's employers don't want employees who have preset opinions about a certain topic. Today's employers don't want employees who have preset opinions about a certain topic. They require people who can react appropriately to the circumstances. In SISD, where analytical thinking is prioritized over rote memorization of pre-made information, students are taught how to think critically, analytically, and impartially, abandon stereotyped perception, ask questions, assess the reliability of the information source, and correlate data with the past, present, and future situation.

Creative Thinking 

One of the abilities that are most in demand in today's global job markets is the ability to think creatively. Companies need people who can and are able to think out of the box as today’s world is all about creation, innovation, and strategies. Over 62% of corporate recruiters listed creativity as the most in-demand ability, and the need for it will increase in the upcoming years, according to

Adaptive And Stable Nature

The epidemic has accelerated the pace and unpredictability of change in a world that has already seen significant upheaval in recent years. Someone who is self-disciplined, adaptable, rebuildable, psychologically flexible, and resilient will prosper in such an environment. A person should have an adaptive nature toward work and if gets a different workspace to do, he/she should be able to adapt to the environment.  

Communication Skills 

Unbelievable but true: communication skills are in higher demand as work becomes more technologically oriented. 57 percent of corporate recruiters agree, according to! When people require assistance and support in overcoming stress and uncertainty, active listening skills, emotional intelligence, empathy, persuasion and negotiating abilities, and human resource management are crucial.

Digital Skills 

If there is anything in this world right now which is changing in the blink of an eye, it’s technology. Every day there is something new in the market and thus job vacancies have also gone online on these platforms. By 2020, 82% of occupations will need applicants to have digital skills. The demand for experts who are familiar with technologies, programs, and platforms and can set up a remote workflow has surged as a result of the epidemic.



This article was about the students of the future: the Dubai experiment and has all the related information about it. Dubai is preparing schools and colleges in such a way that students can get ready with better future options. The purpose behind this is that students will be able to stand and work in any part of society and the world. Nowadays, a skill like digital skills, critical thinking, communication skills, etc plays a very crucial role when applying for jobs. In this article, we have covered it all. When it comes to student visas, they are an endorsement that is placed on a government passport and allows international students to attend accredited educational institutions in that nation. Anyone wishing to pursue higher education abroad must first apply for a student visa from the place of residence. A few prerequisites must be met, but getting a student visa for Dubai is not especially difficult. Dubai visa can be applied for online and has a simple procedure that will just take a few days and your visa will be delivered. You can go in order to get a visa for Dubai Emirates Visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

F-1 student visas typically last for five years from the commencement date of your program for holders of passports. Although your student visa may be valid for five years, your ability to stay in the United States on that visa is contingent upon your enrollment in a course of study.

New students may apply for a student (F and M) visa up to 120 days before their program's start date. The length of time you must wait to get a visa appointment varies greatly between nations. Depending on the situation, you can receive it in three days or three months.

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