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How can I easily get my Emirates Visa with Emirates Visa Online?

At Emirates Visa Online, we provide a variety of Emirates Visas to the United Arab Emirates and Dubai on a Tourist basis, ranging over many different durations. The steps to obtain an Emirates Visa are very easy, and require just a few minutes to be completed, on the part of the applicant. Moreover, the number of documents required to obtain your Visa when you apply with Emirates is quite less as compared to other Online Travel Agents. Here we explain the simple Three Steps Emirates Visa process.

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How can I get UAE Visa through Emirates?

While applying for your UAE visa through Emirates, you need to complete a few simple steps, which take only minutes. The process is outlined as below:

1. Visit the website of Emirates Visa Online: Log on to Emirates Visa, and on the Home Page, select the country of your Citizenship and Residence. Click on Apply Emirates Visa. From the list of the different types of Emirates Visas available, choose the type which suits your requirements and preference the most, and proceed to fill the Application Form.

2. Fill in your details, as briefly described below:

    1. In the first section of the form, select the country of your citizenship and residence, and then select the type of Emirates eVisa you are applying for. The 'Visa For' field is set to 'United Arab Emirates' by default.
    2. In the 'Personal Details' section, mention your:
      1. Name
      2. Surname
      3. Father and Mother's Names
      4. Date of Birth
      5. National ID Number (optional)
      6. Gender
      7. Marital Status
      8. Email ID and alternate email ID
      9. Mobile Dial Code
      10. Mobile Number
      11. WhatsApp Dial Code
      12. Profession
      13. Educational Qualification
    3. Next, in the 'Passport and Travel Information Section', fill in your:
      1. Passport Number
      2. Passport Type
      3. Date of Issue
      4. Date of Expiry
      5. Date of Arrival in the UAE
      6. Date of Departure/Return from the UAE
    4. Next is the 'Permanent Address' Section, which requires:
      1. Primary Address (Correspondence)
      2. Secondary Address (Permanent)
      3. City
      4. State (optional)
      5. Country
      6. Postal/ZIP/PIN Code
    5. Finally, you reach the 'Upload Documents' Section, where you are required to upload colored copies of your passport, along with your passport size photographs. The file formats allowed are JPEG, PNG, JPG, and PDF. Apart from these documents, you have the option of attaching additional proofs as well.

Note: The documents can be mailed to, or sent via WhatsApp. Uploading them with the form is not mandatory

3. Finally, make your payment for your UAE Visa, and submit your form. After form submission, we take about 3-4 days to process your application, after which the eVisa is delivered to your email.

With this, you have finished the Three Steps Emirates Visa application process.

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Fees Applicable for Different Emirates Visas:

Once you have completed filling the form, the next step is to pay the requisite Visa Fees based on your type of Visa Application, along with the processing fees.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Q. Where can I get the Emirates eVisa Application Form?

The Application Form supplied by different Online Travel Agents are slightly different, and here we have described the form available at Emirates Visa Org. To fill your application form easily in a few simple steps, and with minimal documentation, you can visit Emirates Visa Org.

Q. Do I need to pay any additional fees for the Emirates eVisa Application Form?

With Emirates Visa Org, you don't have to pay any additional fees for the Application Form. The only fees that you have to pay are the Visa Fee as per your required visa, and a processing fee of 26 USD.

Q. What documents do I need to attach with my Emirates eVisa Application Form? Emirates Visa Org provides easy visa facilities with minimal documentation?

The only documents that you need to keep handy when applying for an Emirates Tourist Visa are colored copies of your passport, passport-size photographs, your accommodation proofs, and your confirmed air tickets (both-way).

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Benefits of using Emirates Visa?

The Three Steps Emirates Visa process through Emirates Visa offers a number of advantages and perks, like:

  • We have a wide-ranging experience in providing Tourist Visas
  • We have a track record or 100% customer satisfaction with more than 200K clients
  • Short processing times (3-4 days)
  • Minimal documentation required
  • Many different types of Emirates Tourist Visas provided
  • 24×7 chat and mail support
  • Convenient prices for Emirates Visas
  • Hassle-free application process
  • No need to visit embassies or agencies, as the process is completely online.

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