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Useful Tips For Women Travelling Solo To Dubai

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Visiting Emirates, you will cherish authentic Arabian hospitality. As a tourist, Emirates will not disappoint you with what it has to offer. Emirates will put a lot of things on your plate as it comes up with its own variety of attractions like food, beaches, sand dunes, shopping centers, and nightlife with a luxury touch attached to the country wherever you go.  As the year progresses, Emirates attracts millions of visitors for its tourism, and in those millions, if you're going to be such one soon, especially a woman traveler, you are at the right place since this article is dedicated to tips and information to all female travelers planning to visit Emirates.  

Dress Code For Women  

In the Emirates, Islamic culture is widely followed, where certain things need to be followed in a reserved manner. That being said, the UAE has been open to its foreigners since the 1970s. Many other cultures and religions have become more present with Islamic culture. As a result, the locals are now tolerant of different immigrants' lifestyles, traditions, and modernity. So as a tourist, you are compelled to wear traditional dresses but are expected to dress modestly.  

 When in public places, it is advised not to wear overly tight or translucent clothes, mini-skirts, and shorts. As a woman, you can wear a bikini or beach-style apparel on the beach or in your hotel. Some places in the Emirates are more conservative than others, like in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, a meager dress code violation will be ok, compared to Sharjah or Ras Al Khaimah, where you may get disapproving looks.  

 It is important to note that if you are visiting mosques, women must wear a loose dress called an abaya and cover their heads.  

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Drink Responsibly  

Drinking is strictly prohibited in the Emirates. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you limit your alcohol consumption while taking in the nightlife of the Emirates. According to their law, driving while intoxicated and drinking in public are both severely penalized offenses. So as a traveler, you might wish to follow these recommended

actions to prevent any unpleasant travel experiences.  

Some key points to consider while in Emirates - 

  • It is not permitted to display affection in public. 
  • No foul language is permitted in public. 
  • Never take pictures of people without their permission. 
  • Do not use hand motions. 
  • Never bring drugs with you. 
  • The royal family should not be insulted. 
  • Don't bring any items that are forbidden. 
  • During the month of Ramadan, it is forbidden to eat in public. 
  • Never shake someone's hand with your left hand. 
  • In the hotel, unmarried couples are not permitted to stay together. 

 Are Emirates Safe For Women?  

Before having an idea of planning an expedition to a new place, the first and most important question every woman traveler seeks to know is how safe is the place they are planning on visiting. One such case will be about whether Emirates is safe for women. The answer to your question is positive. Emirates indeed is a very safe place for women travelers. The country is considered one of the safest places in the world and adds value to the answer you were looking for. That being said, unaccompanied western women might face some harassment or you might face catcalls, whispers, or unwanted attention, which are more annoying than dangerous. But overall, you should not face any problems while spending some quality time in the Emirates. 

In terms of the cases of stealing, the numbers and probability of this happening to you are very low since there are very few stealing in the emirates. So traveling here, you don't need to worry about your belongings much but yes keep a necessary safeguard.  


If you are someone who loves to shop, Emirates is not going to disappoint you. Emirates offers numerous finest shopping options with malls and souks (markets) to buy branded or traditional apparel. Dubai’s Deira and Gold souks are good places for shopping. Feel free to roam around in them, and buy whatever you like from the plethora of things it offers. Make sure to bargain to get the best deal on everything you purchase. Souk is a safe place to travel as a woman as it is full of tourists and avoids going shopping when it's dark.   



So here it was, a complete guide for women planning on Emirates visas. The article covers important aspects which you should consider if you are a woman traveler in Emirates.   



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