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Cherish the original Arabian hospitality while visiting the Emirates and enjoy the plethora of tourist options it puts in front of you. You can savor the delectable cuisine of the emirates or visit stunning beaches to take in the stunning ocean views while relaxing on the sand. The nightlife in the United Arab Emirates is really enjoyable. There are a variety of locations you may go to, including nightclubs, cruises, and restaurants. If you visit the Emirates, your options are virtually endless because these locations have so much to offer tourists. It's crucial to organize your trip in advance to ensure that you don't miss anything. To not make any mistakes during your travel, here is an essential travel guide to Emirates.  


Places to be in Emirates  

Beach Day in Emirates 

Enjoying the sands of Emirates beaches is one thing you can do during your expedition. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the prominent choices from which you can choose which offer various sightseeing, malls, and theme parks easily accessible from these beaches. Staying at the beachside resorts Saadiyat Island, Marina Breakwater, and Khor Al Maqta are some recommendations for the same. To enjoy Emirates beaches to the fullest, consider visiting these places during the months of Late October to May.  

Burj Khalifa 

This place needs no introduction. Being the tallest man-made sculpture out there, the glorious modern architectural skyscraper attracts numerous visitors every year. Burj Khalifa has to be the main attraction of the Emirates which surely can't be missed by any visitor's eyes. Visitors can go to its observation deck and admire Dubai's panoramic views.  

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Visit Sheikh Zayed Mosque 

Sheikh Zayed Mosque of Abu Dhabi is an absolute beauty of a modern mosque to admire. The design of the mosque blends contemporary design with traditional crafts and gives out a new interpretation of Islamic architecture. Mosque made with white marble work has both exterior and interior uses a lavish amount of gold, mosaic tiles, and glasswork. The lavish decoration of the mosque doesn't stop here, as it also has the world's largest hand-knotted carpet inside its prayer hall, with the place also decorated with impressive chandeliers made up of gold and crystals.  

Jebel Jair in Ras Al-Khaimah 

Jebel Jair is a fun activity center in the United Arab Emirates, which is the highest peak in the emirates of Ras Al-Khaimah. As a visitor, you can come here to admire the glamorous view of Hajar Mountain peaks or indulge yourself in adventurous activities. Talking about Jebel Jair as a fun activity spot, you need to try out the Jebel Jais flight, which is the world's longest zipline running down from the sides of the peak. If you don't want such a high-pace thrill, you can also try Jebel Jais's Via Ferrata climbing route, which offers guided tours during cooler months.  

Louvre Abu Dhabi  

A spectacular place to be in the Emirates is the Louvre, a museum which will take you on a journey of human history. Louvre has amazing collections of displays collected from around the globe, which date back to the earliest human settlements to works done by major names in the current contemporary art scenario. This place will work perfectly for those who have an interest in world history or art, but even if not, the architecture of the museum itself is quite a stunning piece to see designed by Jean Nouvel.  

List of other places you can visit in the Emirates 

  • Sharjah Art Museum 
  • Al Fahidi Quarter  
  • UAE desert landscapes  
  • Dubai creek  
  • The Hajar Mountains  
  • Jebel Hafeet  

The ideal time to visit Emirates  

To have the best Emirates experience, the best time to visit this place is during the months of November to March. At this time around, the weather conditions are not too hot or humid, making it an ideal time for your tourist excursions to the Emirates.  This is also a favorable time for dessert outings, making this period the busiest for tourism in the UAE.  


Some key points to consider while in Emirates - 

  • It is not permitted to display affection in public. 
  • No foul language is permitted in public. 
  • Never take pictures of people without their permission. 
  • Do not use hand motions. 
  • Never bring drugs with you. 
  • The royal family should not be insulted. 
  • Don't bring any items that are forbidden. 
  • During the month of Ramadan, it is forbidden to eat in public. 
  • Never shake someone's hand with your left hand. 
  • In the hotel, unmarried couples are not permitted to stay together. 


How to get an Emirates Visa?  

The most important travel document you must carry for any foreign visit is your visa. Similarly, if you are visiting from a country that requires a visa to enter Emirates premises, you must have an authorized Emirates visa with you. Also, make sure to carry your passport, having a minimum validity of 6 months. In this case, if you are looking to apply for a visa, get the same by visiting Emirates visa, by completing the essential steps like selecting your citizenship country and type of visa, and mode of payment.  

Documents required for the visa  

  • Applicants must have a valid passport with having minimum validity of six months 
  • Applicants must make sure that their passports have blank pages.
  • Colored passport-size photograph of the applicant  
  • Hotel booking/relative booking details. 
  • I confirmed air tickets for both ways. 



From islands and beaches to shopping centers and recreational venues to breathtaking lavish architecture with a busy nightlife, a trip to Emirates is not going to be a sour one. To get the utmost Emirates expedition experience, through this article, you are aware of the necessary details for your trip to this Middle Eastern country. Make beautiful memories by visiting this destination. You will have an incredible time here. You can go alone or bring your friends and family.

Apply Emirates Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

Citizens of the GCC countries Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia either do not need a visa to enter the UAE.  


Emirates indeed is a very safe place for travellers. Due to strict laws and Government surveillance on tourists' safety, consider Emirates as a safe place.  


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