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types of ban in emirates

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It is important to know the basics of UAE visa ban for many expatriates who wish to work in the UAE. You also need to know when and how to remove a travel prohibition or a work prohibition, and so on. In this article, we will talk about the types of ban in Emirates.

It is important that ex-pats know what this is to if they are dismissed during the probationary period by their employer. The UAE visa ban provides a legal alternative to avoid the entry or re-appointment of a citizen or staff member. This typically takes place within a specified time frame. 

6 Common Types of Ban in Emirates

A labour ban issued by the Department of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), according to the UAE government portal, means that an employee is not legal to be working in another UAE business for one year.

A ban shall be enforced if the employee infringes the UAE labour law and relevant ministerial resolutions and circulars and does not comply with the working conditions of his employee's contract of employment.

The labour prohibitions issued by MoHRE are notoriously distinct from those issued by the Citizenship and Foreign Affairs Directorate or the Interior Ministry.

The latter may be focused on the labour prohibition itself or on some other purpose which does not deal with occupational issues like severe crime, protection, unlawful entry into the UAE, etc.

Permanent Residency Ban:

This prohibition extends to someone who has done an extreme working crime perceived to be unconstitutional or unlawful. In this form of prohibition, the federal department maintains a list of people allowed.

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Labour Ban:

A labour prohibition in the UAE can only be enforced in any of the situations following:

  1. When the contract ends, when no action is taken about your job by the present employer.
  2. If no new application is received/accepted by another application Employer. 
  3. Unlimited job contract termination before one year's conclusion of operation service.
  4. Finalization before the expiry of the restricted contract of labour.

Immigration Ban:

This ban denies workers joining the United Arab Emirates. The reasons for this prohibition can differ between cases. The effects may be a felony offence, bad debt, rebound checks, violent rape, rash or illicit drinking, robbery, improper ties, etc. This kind of prohibition even extends where government laws and regulations have been violated.

6-month ban:

This form of prohibition is for applicants who have quit their jobs for six months without legally binding grounds. This is placed on the employee's job card or work permit by the jobs department. This ban, however, has no effect on the entry of a person into the UAE, as either a visitor or visa can easily enter the country.

Employment Ban:

This is often called the restriction of work permits. Those subject to this form of interdiction can work for 6 months or for a limited time in the UAE.

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One year ban:

This form of prohibition is put into motion when an employee gives up some job before his contract is enforced. The same refers to the loss of a lawsuit against the Labor Office by an employee. In such situations, the employer must begin the work permit process before the employee's visa expires. If no new application is filed before the employee's work permit or UAE visa expires, then the ban is triggered automatically.

In the following legal conditions, the one-year ban can be lifted:

  • The nominee earns the high-school diploma's minimum education qualification.
  • Meets AED 5,000 minimum wage (for a new job).
  • Has a minimum of AED 7,000 pay for holders of diploma.
  • Has a minimum AED 12,000 pay for holders of bachelor's degree.

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So this is all the details you must know about the Types of Ban in Emirates. So always remember that you must take precautionary steps to avoid the Visa ban in UAE to get your valid Emirates Visa you can visit Emirates Visa and they provide the legitimate visa to Emirates with a hassle-free process and the least number of documents.

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