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How can UAE colleges can obtain visas for students

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UAE student visa is a mandatory requirement for the expatriate above 18 years. There are generally two ways through which a student visa in UAE can be secured. The first possible way is that the international student is on a family visa in UAE. And the student family member or parents are helping or sponsoring their student visa. If the international students have no guardians or parents in UAE. Then the only possible way to secure a student visa in UAE is through college/university.


UAE student visa requirements

International students can get the chance to study in some of the top listed Universities in the United Arab Emirates. Anyone who wants to secure a UAE student visa should fulfill the below-listed requirements:

  • Keep the valid passport and don't forget to keep several copies of the same for submission.
  • A photograph of the applicant for a student visa is required. For the UAE student visa process keep copies of the passport-size photograph.
  • An official admission letter or an offer letter from the relevant University/ college/ educational institution in UAE is the mandatory requirement. Without acceptance in the college, you are eligible for getting a UAE student visa.
  • If the student has an acceptance letter and has no convenience or financial support. So the student can cover all the general expenses in the United Arab Emirates. Then the visa application for that student might be rejected due to this reason. To provide evidence regarding financial support and stability. Applicant should submit the bank statement or other proof for financial funds while submitting student visa application in UAE.
  • International students first should pass the medical test before applying for a UAE student visa. Whoever is above 18 years old must take health tests for HIV, AIDS, hepatitis, etc.
  • Give the details about the tenancy contract, accommodation detail, or other related evidence.
  • Submit previously qualified educational certificate. If you are an undergraduate student moving to UAE for further studies.

How school/university/institution arranges student visas in UAE for international students:

All the accredited Universities or colleges in the United Arab Emirates have the freedom to apply for a student visa. So the educational institution or college you have been accepted to can carry out your student residence visa process. Your university/college can not apply for a student visa in UAE if you are not inside the country. To enter UAE international students must obtain an entry permit so student visa application can be carried out by the educational institution. 

For an entry permit, your college can also sponsor the application. If you are applying for an entry permit in UAE. Then the application can be forwarded online through the ICA e-channel service. Or you can also get an entry permit via GDRFA. According to the Nationality of the applicant whether the entry permit is needed or not can vary. After entering UAE, an international student should ask their relevant University to start the process. Your university/ college has to contact or visit the GDRFA office. All the documents including fees and dully filled student visa application must be submitted at GDRFA. After the application of the student has been approved by the authorities. The applicant's passport is stamped with a UAE student residence visa. Emirates visa is also issued to the applicant to get access to government services.


Validity and UAE student visa renewal

International students in UAE can get a student visa for complete one year. If the UAE student visa requirements are fulfilled by that international student. The student visa in UAE can be renewed only on one condition. If your studies in UAE are not over and you have to stay. Then the student visa can be renewed again for one year. For UAE student visa renewal, you should submit evidence of the continuation of studies from the University.

UAE student visa fee

The UAE student visa fee according to the university. As the service fee of the university is also included. Some of the UAE colleges or universities include health insurance costs too. The student visa process in UAE can take up to 15 days or above.



UAE has the best educational institution and additional has a safe and secure environment for students. UAE student visa is the permit issued by GDRFA that allows international student to continue their studies in UAE. To apply for Emirates Visa online you can visit Emirates Visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term of visa or validity of the UAE student visa is one year from the issued date. After one year student should renew their visa with the help of the university or sponsor.

The short-term student visa is the 60-day valid visa issued in UAE for international students. This visa is renewable after 60 days. 

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