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things to be aware of when visiting the emirates

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The laws and customs of Emirates are significantly dissimilar from those of the UK. Be mindful of your behavior to avoid offending anyone, specifically during the holy month of Ramadan or if you plan to visit places of worship. For actions that may not be unlawful in the UK, there may be severe punishments. It is very important that you become familiar with and respect different customs and regulations.
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General Laws in the Emirates

It is crucial to keep in mind when booking a vacation to any location that even your embassy might not be able to help you if you break the local laws. Therefore, it would be advisable to be familiar with the fundamental rules and ordinances of the place you intend to visit. If you're thinking about visiting UAE, all UAE laws and regulations will also apply there.

Prerequisites for Entrance and departure

The immigration laws of the UAE, which can occasionally seem complicated and onerous, apply to all ex-pats. For travel to the UAE, a passport is required. While nationals of some nations are permitted to receive visitor visas at the airport, citizens of other nations must apply for visitor visas in advance. that can be obtained by visiting the website Emiratesvisa

Limitations on Customs

Travellers are encouraged to refrain from bringing any weapons or goods that might be considered illegal, such as body armor, handcuffs, military supplies, weapon parts, tools, and ammunition. The UAE often takes the transportation of any such and all forms of law enforcement apparatus seriously because it has already demonstrated its capacity to uphold its legal obligations in such cases.

Unauthorized Work in the UAE

It should be emphasized that any effort to work unlawfully in UAE is prohibited and could result in jail time or deportation. Foreign nationals who wish to live and work in the UAE must produce certified copies of their private files, such as birth and registration certificate, custody and adoption certificates, and other educational qualifications.

Vehicle laws

For some traffic infractions, including drinking and driving while intoxicated, harsh penalties are applied across the UAE. In these situations, offenders are frequently sentenced to many days in jail as well as possible legal proceedings, black points, and severe fines. Driving in the UAE requires a driving license, and foreign driver's licenses are not accepted.


Things you must avoid doing in the Emirates

UAE is a magnificent metropolis in the Middle East that is a tourist's dream. Due to its tall skyscrapers, vintage appeal, lovely marketplaces, and high weather, it is sometimes referred to as the City of Superlatives. The conservative community that treats its faith and culture very earnestly can be found beneath all the glamour. Examine this list of things not to do in the UAE before you depart. 

Use your left hand to greet people

When in UAE, you should exercise caution when using your hands. In UAE, you should never employ your left hand for eating, greeting people, opening doors, or giving anyone anything, particularly food. Even nowadays, regardless of how clean your left hand is, it is still seen as unclean. However, using your left hand to drink is OK. Therefore, if you are left-handed, you should endeavor to act as ambidextrous as you can in society to avoid irritating others and drawing their ire.

Dress inappropriately

In UAE, it is customary for women to wear modest attire in places like malls, markets, beaches, theatres, and mosques. Therefore, despite the fact that the UAE is the center of fashion, you are not permitted to dress in short, tight, or skimpy apparel that exposes a lot of skin in public areas. In addition, keeping cool and comfortable in UAE's hot, dry atmosphere can be achieved by dressing modestly in loose-fitting clothing. In order to avoid drawing unwanted attention, avoid being penalized for wearing indecent apparel in public places, and ensure that you are comfortable throughout your journeys around the city, pack a sufficient amount of loose, modest clothing that covers your arms, legs, and chest.

Swear in public

When visiting UAE, you must use the language with considerable caution, specifically when you are in public or conversing with a local. During your visit to UAE, try to refrain from using obscene language and keep all of your colloquial language, vulgarities, and expletives to yourself. Additionally, avoid saying anything that could be taken as disrespectful of Islam or Muslims. In UAE, it is seen as a crime that can get you in trouble and put you in jail. And you most certainly wouldn't want to squander your vacation behind bars.

Eat publicly during Ramadan

If you're travelling to UAE throughout the holy month of Ramadan, you should be aware that from dawn to sunset, when the city's Muslims are abstaining from eating, it is unlawful to consume alcohol, smoke, or consume food in public. No, not even eating in the car, not even chewing gum in public. However, you can eat in the privacy of your hotel room or at a restaurant where the dining area has been partitioned so that patrons can dine quietly. Although it's okay for kids and expectant mothers to eat, it's important to avoid offending anyone.

Carry restricted commodities

Being that not all things are permitted in the country, you should pack with additional caution if you're going to UAE. To begin with, avoid bringing publications containing adult material, particularly women's fashion magazines if you want to read while travelling. Then, you must completely refrain from bringing any Israeli-made goods with you, including bacon and other pork products.



UAE is a multi-cultural country with a lot to offer curious tourists. However, you must respect the regional traditions and practices when you visit. If you adhere to the list of things we've provided not to do there, you'll be able to fully enjoy your trip to UAE. It is every individual's responsibility to behave dutifully and act according to the laws devised by a nation. Any kind of harm or distress caused in the country shall not be accepted or tolerated under any circumstances. Therefore it is necessary you go through all the guidelines and adhere to them, the UAE being an Islamic and conservative country will not present lenient consequences to any person who has significantly caused a disruption in the normal and standing functioning of any aspect of the nation. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

To avoid difficulties, you must be familiar with UAE rules.

  • No touching or kissing.
  • No cursing or lewd gestures are permitted
  • No photographing someone without their consent.
  • respecting no religion at all.
  • The opposite sex must not share a private location.
  • No inappropriate attire.

The court system is divided into three primary divisions: civil, criminal, and Sharia, or Islamic, law.

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