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what to do for missing information on emirates visa

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If you are recently taking a trip to Dubai, you must have applied for the emirates visa online! Every UAE visa requires you to fill up the details on an emirates visa application. UAE visa processing time is dependent on your emirates visa requirement. However, many times by accident, you may apply for your visa and find a piece of information missing on your emirates visa. In such situations, you must wonder what to do for missing information on emirates visa. Here’s how we will help you redeem the missing information on your emirates visa! This article explains what you can do to retrieve the information that is missing on your visa.

To help you obtain your emirates visa, we help you by speeding up the process of your long-term emirates visa online.

With the flux of people visiting and immigrating to Dubai, the government of UAE issues different types of emirates visas. Each of these visas have varying stay permits depending on the purpose of your visit to the UAE. The entry permits on these emirates visa types have a set of regulations and requirements that the visitor has to fulfill.

Depending on the emirates visa type, the stay permit on an emirates visa can range from the duration of 48 hours a day to long-term yearly visas allowing multiple entry permits as per the objective of your visit. The validity of each visa depends on the emirates visa type and entry permits based on the purpose of your visit. It is necessary to check all the visa details before selecting the visa that fulfills your objective of visiting the UAE.

Before applying for an emirates tourist visa online you will have to select the suitable emirates visa type. Based on the duration of your stay, you can choose a type of emirates visa that covers your period of stay.

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Emirates visa requirements:

If you are applying for an emirates visa in Dubai, these are the list of documents that you will require for booking an emirates visa online:

Front and last page of your passport: The front page includes your demographic details consisting of your passport-sized photo and your personal details. Whereas, many other nationalities have crucial details on the last page of their passport. In case, your nationality does not have any information on the last page of your passport, you can attach the first page.

Residence Proof: This requirement is only applicable if your nationality and your permanent residency are not the same. In this case, you will have to produce proof of residence or submit your residency visa along with the passport.

Passport-sized photograph: Passport-sized photos required for any official document must be captured on a white background being as recent as 3 months.

Validity of your passport: Your passport must have a validity of at least 6 months for you to be eligible to apply for an emirates visa online. The print of the passport ID in the copy must be visible.

These checklists of visa and passports requirements help you assess the entry requirements of an emirates visa for your upcoming travel plan. Holders of non-passports and emirates visa travel documents may also require different entry permit requirements.

Why is valid information on visas an important requirement?

Avoid missing information on emirates visa:

Before applying for an emirates visa, you must check your emirates visa requirement and provide accurate information about your personal details on your emirates visa. You must upload the relevant documents required to process your visa.

The false information that can lead to evident denial of your visa are:

False personal information or demographic details that includes all of your basic identity details.

Failing to produce all the past visa refusals will further lead to denial of your current visa application.

Lying about any of past convictions or criminal activities will mean falsification of information or deliberate concealing from the government.

What to do for missing information on emirates visa?

In case, you have missed any information on your emirates visa or have been misinformed any detail, you can contact the customer service executive or the customer service manager of your travel agency. These customer services will rectify the missing information on emirates visa.

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What happens if there is missing information on the emirates visa?

Misinformation on your emirates visa application can lead to the refusal of your visa. In many places such as the US, lying on a visa application is considered a violation of federal law. As a result of this misrepresentation, you may face a substantial delay in the processing of your emirates visa. In adverse cases, your emirates visa can be revoked or denied by the government, this may follow for the subsequent visa applications as well. In the US, those helping the applicants to falsify their visa information can be indicted if the matter is investigated by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and get prosecuted by the federal grand general.

Furthermore, in other places like Pakistan, it will lead to a travel ban as you will not be allowed to travel on a visa that has misinformation. This is the reason why there is utmost importance being given to the travel agencies that help you fill out your visa application and apply for your visa. So if you have thought about what to do for missing information on your emirates visa then you can just go ahead and inform your concerned agents. In many cases, missing information on an emirates visa can lead to heavier penalties and the consequences will remain a burden on the applicant.

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