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can you work in emirates with visit visa

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Let’s know about the Emirates visit visa. It like a pass that allows other country people to stay in UAE as a tourist, for academic visits, etc. few documents and details required for the visit purpose, number of days of stay, passport, photos, payment fee receipt, etc. the process starts with filling the application of online visa. Then interview call process in which you need to bring the form and later the uploading of the photograph is a must. A visit visa is different from a normal tourist visa as it's used only for attending meetings or seminars and the duration allotted for a visit visa would be of 90 days. Only the citizens of the UAE will get the opportunity in getting an Emirates visit visa.

Can you Work in Emirates with Visit Visa?

Now let’s see if we can work with Emirates using a Visit visa. According to the laws in the federal system (6) of 1973, (7) of 1985, (13) of 1996, and law (17) all these are applicable laws for topics we are going to see. Working in UAE without proper permission given by the MOHRE is considered to be an illegal action. 


The Immigration Law says that,

Immigration law Article 11 says that the person who comes from other countries to UAE with a Visit visa or may not work in any companies or work individually without the consent of the directorate of immigration and nationality.
Employment law of article 13 says that the employee from other countries can work in UAE if they get the consent of MOHRE. That's done by following many rules and procedures like education, qualification, no criminal background and they check if the employee has followed all rules before and entering the country. If the employee works in any company or the organization having only the Visit visa the punishment may be severe and may even lead to penalties.

Immigration law article 34

Immigration law article 34 here when the employee from other country visit UAE because they had sponsors and if they don’t rely on the rules and regulations the government may impose a fine of almost 13612 USD.
Even the sponsors will be getting punished for not following proper legal procedures and also penalized if they don’t assign work or job for the sponsored person.
According to immigration law article 34(1) (6), the court shall consider all the cases of violation imposed on the employee from other countries. There is an option like if the parent is having a resident visa of UAE the daughter or the son of the family can also obtain the residence visa stating that the sponsorship is the parent’s wishes. The students who are willing to study in the institutions or universities of UAE have the opportunity for applying for a student visa.


Can we use tourist visa or visit visa for joining in a work?

The tourist and the visit visa are not useful for joining in work as employee. A proper residency visa is obtained for the UAE government to work or stay as a resident in UAE. This is not just applicable for the employee or the worker it is also applicable for the owner or the employer of the company. All these processes of approval and getting the visa are controlled by the MOHRE government of the UAE ministry.


In UAE the rules followed are very strict and if any rules are not followed properly intense and immediate actions will cause severe actions taken up by the government. The people who are just visiting for exploring the places in UAE can apply for a tourist visa or if you are a UAE citizen you will allow attending the required work using the Visit visa. Before getting into something have the full knowledge about the pros and cons involved in the process. So that it may help in reducing the loss of time and money. Plan everything accordingly before you step in to follow the particular process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

From the date of issue, the validity of visit visa for 30 days can be almost valid till 58 days 

It cost about 400 USD for a visit visa valid for 90 days.

It is a yes we need to pay the security deposit for Dubai’s Visit visa.

The answer is an absolute no because it is illegal to work in firms by just having a visiting visa. The government can take any action they may even give a penalty.

The only difference is tourist visa is used for tourism purposes and a Visit visa is allowed for UAE citizens for attending any lecture, meetings, or seminars.

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