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It is the duty of Emirates Visa Org to protect and make sure that the privacy of the users is kept at a maximum level. And the confidentiality of the information that has been provided by the users is subject to the conditions as described below. To get an idea about our commitment to the privacy of all the information submitted by the users, we recommend that every user go through the Privacy Statement and read them carefully.

The privacy statement will include everything right from how we collect data to how we will be using it and how to correct or change it. It is to be noted that we will try our maximum regarding the safety and safeguard of your information and will also let you have as much as possible control over the same. You can stay assured as this information that you provide will never be disclosed to any third parties without your consent. by using our site, it is to be noted that you will be agreeing to all the terms and conditions along with the privacy statement as mentioned by the site. Emirates Visa Org also holds all the right to either expandand/or modify these statements mentioned as and when they like.


Emirates Visa Org aims at providing the highest level of security when it comes to securing your private information. It is to be noted that all transactions conducted online will be done using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology which makes sure that the information sent to us will remain encrypted. This security certificate has been issued to us by the AWS company and has also been verifiedby them making this system one of the best commercially available encryption on the Internet. We also make sure that utmost precautions will be taken to protect the personal information from any sort of loss, misuse, disclosure, unauthorized access, destruction, or alteration by implementing the stated policies and procedure and will also ensure the users that the personal information gathered by us will only be used for the sole purpose for which it hasbeen initially collected.


Various measures are taken by us to make sure that the information that has been provided by you will be accurately recorded without fail. We also allow you to access your information at any given time to change or modify the informationprovided.

1) Information collected from/ about the users will solely be used to provide better services: You can assure about your information is not being revealed to any third party except when the consent for the same has been provided by the user. Any information under any circumstance provided by you will be kept completely confidential and will be secured from any unauthorized use. Apart from the said statement, any legal issues that arise which might need access to the information provided by you, Emirates Visa Org will respond to such legal processes and will provide all the information or materials as it has been requested.

2) Financial records: Online financial transactions are processed by one of the major third-party transaction processors. All your information provided will stay encrypted and will be used for the sole purpose to complete the transactions conducted.

3) Cookies: Emirates visa Org will use cookies in order to recognize its customers when they will be visiting our sites. This helps in customizing the experience of each user accordingly. For you to register and use this site you will be asked to keep your cookies option on "turned on" or enabled. However, even if you wish to keep the option disabled you can still view the site and navigate through the same. All theinformation found on site will be entirely confidential and will not be seen or sold out of the website. Our site may also use other links or advertisement to/of othersites and companies which may also have their cookies enabled. In such cases, Emirates Visa Org will not be held responsible for the third-party sites recording your information and using them through the cookies. You are also recommended to read and learn about the privacy policies and terms and conditions of these sites which might be quite different than Emirates Visa Org's site policies.

4) System details: Emirates Visa Org reserves its complete right to obtain and store information such as IP address, browser type, or OS type. All of this information collected will be kept highly confidential and will be used only for system administration purposes. This information helps the site owners to diagnose problems, monitor traffic and site usage by the consumers.

5) Email: Email services are used by Emirates Visa Org to notify our customers or users regarding the change in visa application status, change in the database, or either our website or when new features are added and can be used by them. Whenever there are special discounts or offer being mentioned, Emirates Visa Org will use the email services to inform our clients regarding the same. Apart from these any addition to features or product list will also be notified. The email list handled by us will be highly confidential and will never be sold out to any third party users.

6) Changing or modification of your information: Once you register on our site you can change and/or modify any of the information provided by you with the help of our customer service. This approach mainly aims at keeping your information safe and private. Do report any unauthorized use of information notice by you. Emirates Visa Org will not take up any responsibility for any damage, loss, or change of information that has aroused due to unauthorized use of your information.


Any communication that has been conducted over the internet is subject to various risks and threats. Under no circumstances shall Emirates Visa Org be responsible for any sort of damages or losses whatsoever, direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, special or punitive, arising from or relating to the unauthorized use, deletion, change or exposure of any information be it confidential or not which has been resulted from unauthorized breaking into the system or with breach of security or from system failure. Apart from this any of the officers or employees, partners, affiliates, subsidiaries, successor and assignsand its third-party agents that belong to Emirates Visa Org shall directly or indirectly not be responsible for the user or any other person for any inaccuracies, misuse, errors, third party interceptions, viruses, or hacker attacks resulting in loss of services or data including but not limited to errors or interruptions in the delivery or transmission of services. Emirates Visa Org will contain a link to other sites and these links are provided with the sole purpose of information and to assist in locating other internet resources. Hence in cases of such activities, we will not be responsible for the privacy practices or content of such websites.


Once you start using the site you will be unconditionally agreeing to our terms asstated in the Privacy Statement and along with our terms and conditions. As a user, you will also agree to comply with the terms that are used to govern this site and its services along with the information that has been provided by you and other users of Emirates Visa Org. If you do not agree to any or all of the terms as mentioned in the Privacy Statement it will be recommended to not use this site.