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Once you start using our site it will be considered that you have read all of our terms and conditions and are ready to accept the same without any objections. Ifyou find anything that you do not wish to agree to or want to point out any discrepancies in the same you can mail us or direct your complaint at the Contact Us section. Any failure in following any of the policies as mentioned will lead to legal actions and restriction to the access to this site. emiratesvisa.org holds the entire right to change and modify these terms and Conditions as and when possible. It is recommended to go through each of the terms and conditions before you start using the website.

Processing Time

The processing time for visas that have been mentioned by emiratesvisa.org are completely approximate estimations and based on the processing times provided by the immigration department of UAE under normal circumstances. The processing time must be calculated form the very next working business day of the date after which you have successfully completed the submission of both documents and fees entirely to Emiratesvisa.org. Emiratesvisa.org or any of the other companies that is associated with the company will not be held responsible under any conditions such as cancellation, delays, financial and other losses due to either denial or delay in visa approvals from the government. No services fee under circumstances such as delays or rejection of visa application will be refunded. Due to current COVID-19 condition there are also possibilities of delay in visa approval and in such cases no responsibility is taken by Emiratesvisa.org for the delays.

Payment Of Fees

You agree that your card will be billed once the online verification take place. The user must also comply with the term that he/ she will pay all fees and charges for any products or services that has been offered by emiratesvisa.org. you shall also pay all the applicable taxes and charges that are related to the purchase of any product or services. The fees and requirements that are related to the processing of visas and passports will be subject to change, including, but not limited to, processing charges, immigration charges, and documentation which are required in order to get your visa, which are subject to change without any prior notice. With COVID-19 pandemic conditions still being followed there have been instances where the visa has not been approved or the cancellation of an approved visa takes places. In such cases there will be responsibility put on emiratesvisa.org due to such actions. If you want to cancel then you need to pay 300 USD.

Insurance Policy

When applying for a visa for your travel the following points regarding the insurance is to be kept in mind

  • Applying for a travel insurance along with the Emirates visa will be absolutely necessary.
  • The payment of the travel insurance can be done after the visa has been approved.
  • Only after the payment of the COVID 19 insurance in full will you receive the approved visa along with the insurance.
  • The price of insurance may vary from person to person and liable to change with other conditions hereby not mentioned.
  • You will also not be eligible for a refund of the insurance fees once the insurance has been applied for and you want to cancel it due to change of plans.
  • Only those travel insurances will be acceptable that has been approved by the UAE government and no other insurances applied from any private agencies or foreign companies will note be acceptable.
  • All the travel insurances applied for must follow all the COVID 19 guidelines as give through the UN. Once you apply for an insurance through us, there is no need to apply for another one through either the airlines or a private agency.
  • No booking of visas will be forwarded without having a travel insurance applied for.

Shipping Or Sending Of Visas

Visas that are approved will be sent to you via email. Visas will be sent only once you have completed the said payment of the visa fees and once the same has been received in full.

Service Description

emiratesvisa.org makes sure that it does its best while trying to describe all the services that appear on the website correctly. However, there will be no warranty that any of the content mentioned on the emiratesvisa.org will be the most current, accurate, complete and error free. Government and Immigration Department tends to change the required documents and fees without any prior notice and hence changes can take immediately. If under any circumstance the information on emiratesvisa.org is out dated or inaccurate, emiratesvisa.org shall not be held responsible. You also agree that you will not hold emiratesvisa.org responsible for any inaccurate description or mistake in prices or processing time or processing dates or any other information for that matter as mentioned on emiratesvisa.org.


By using our site, you will be agreeing and giving the right to emiratesvisa.org to contact you either via email, messaging or any other electronic or non-electronic forms as deemed feasible for the purpose of distribution of marketing and promoting products and services.


Once you submit the registration and application forms you will be certifying that the information provided by you is accurate and to the point. You will also be responsible for using the site and its services as mentioned in the privacy statement.

Legal Actions

You shall ask for compensation to any harms or loss and defend at your own expense emiratesvisa.org along with its officers, directors, employees and agents from and against all suits, claims, demands and liability of any nature or kind including the costs and/or expenses that have raised out of the violation of the terms and conditions by you or your members who have used the computer.


emiratesvisa.org holds the right to restrict your access to the site without givingout any prior notice at any point in time if there has violation of terms and conditions being found.

Terms Of Use Alterations

emiratesvisa.org will hold the rights to change any of the terms of use without prior notice being given. The continual of use by any of the customers will also be treated as acceptance of those new added terms and conditions and hence reviewing the same before use will be recommended.

Limited License And Ownership

The use of content of the website of emiratesvisa.org will be solely for your personal, non-commercial use provided that you follow all these terms ad conditions and keep the copyright and trade mark intact. Unless mentioned explicitly you are not allowed to use any of the content mentioned on the site whether it is redistribution, copying or retransmission of any content. The grants of this license are subject to the ownership of only emiratesvisa.org. Even if any documents are accessible and downloadable emiratesvisa.org will remain the owner of the same.


All the use of this website by users will be at their own risk. Once you start using this website and its content whether it is to download, refer or rely on information you accept that you have read the terms and conditions and are willing to comply with the same. You shall agree that emiratesvisa.org or any ofthe companies related will not be held responsible for any of the damages or losses that you incur due to the use of our website

The website of emiratesvisa.org is open to all of the user "as is" and this also includes that the site will not be responsible for any of the defects, presence of viruses or any other harmful element. Nothing mentioned in these terms and conditions shall limit our liability for

  • Any fraud misrepresentation done by us or those who are affiliated to us.
  • Loss or damage occurred along with death or personal injury that has been caused by our negligence

If you are using emiratesvisa.org as a user then nothing mentioned in these terms and conditions shall limit your statutory rights in any way.