Refund Policy -

  1. Emirates Visa Org will make refunds if there has been mistakes on our part.
  2. Emirates Visa Org also reserves the right to refuse refund to anyone and for any reason applicable.
  3. Emirates Visa Org shall not accept any responsibility for a cancellation that has been made by you regardless of the circumstances unless you would like to cancel your application before you submit your documents.
  4. Once the application has been received by us there will be no refund of visa fees, embassy fees, or services fees provided
  5. If you overstay on a visa in the UAE you are entitled to pay a visa fine of the said amount depending on the number of days you have overstayed in UAE. Onlyafter you have paid the visa fine will you be able to apply for a visa and pay the required visa fees.
  6. Any cancellation related to insurance shall not be entertained and the fees for the same shall also not be refunded.
  7. Applications that have been processed or approved at the UAE immigration desk shall not be cancelled nor shall the immigration visa fees be refunded.
  8. Customers below 18 shall not use the visa services and are also not allowed totransact any visa fees or related processes.
  9. Refund shall not be processed when your visa has been rejected.
  10. No visa fees shall be refunded to those nationalities who belong to Syria, Yemen, Pakistan (single men traveling) in case the visa as been rejected by the embassy. No responsibility of the same shall be undertaken by Emirates Visa Org.
  11. Cancellation of visa due to some of the major reasons as specified will result in refund of the visa fees in credits form. This credit that you get will stay in your wallet and will have a lifetime validity which you can use for further visa bookings.
  12. the refund shall be processed Only under the following conditions:
    • If there is an immediate cancellation done by you within just 4 hours of successful payment of the visa then apart from the payment gateway charges and the bank charges the rest will be refunded.
    • If you have cancelled the visa booking within 24 hours of successful payment then your visa fees will be 50% deducted and the rest will be refunded. The refund of service fee will not be possible in this case.
    • Any additional documents that have been asked by the embassy which you cannot provide and want to cancel the visa, in this case you will not be entitled for a refund. Along with this you will also not get a refund if your visa has already reached the embassy and is undergoing the processing and you want to cancel the visa due to a sudden plan change.
    • If rejection of your visa is done from the embassy then a refund of the fee will not be possible.
    • Any E-visa application done visa Emirates Visa Org will not be entitled for a refund
    • In any case be it cancellation or rejection of visa, the service fee and the transaction charges will never be refunded.
    • One more point to be noted is that in no case shall the extra charges paid be refunded if you apply for an emergency visa.