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Emirates Visa is the best online platform to get an Emirates Visa to enter the country that offers different types of Emirates visas according to the purpose of your visit. The main forms of Emirates visas that they offer are Emirates Tourist Visa, Emirates Transit Visa, and 30 Days Emirates Visa Extension. They also have granted Emirates visas to millions of customers and have created a large family of satisfied customers. So you can completely rely on Emiratesvisa to get your Emirates Visa. 

Simple steps to apply for an Emirates Visa

  • Fill the Emirates Visa application.
  • Pay visa fee.
  • Get E- visa at Email. 


Mission Visa application 

  • Mission visas require applying to the UAE Ministry of Labor (MOL).
  • The mission visa application must be submitted by the sponsoring company's PRO.
  • After a temporary labor permit is obtained, a photo and passport are required, the applicant is then required to undergo a medical test to complete the application and obtain something called a mission card (possibly equivalent to a labor card).
  • The mission visa is valid for 60 days prior to entry into the UAE, the holder can stay up to 90 days after admission, and is renewable once for a period of 90 days.
  • There may be a restriction on a job title
  • If the applicant is already in the United Arab Emirates, they may have to leave the UAE to cancel their tourist/travel visa and re-enter on a mission visa.

Other UAE Mission Visa information

  • There is a period of 7 days after the expiry of the mission visa, within which the holder must exit the UAE. However, it would be sensible not to trust it. Aim to leave before the mission visa expiration date, if you have a flight canceled or any other last-minute hiccups, you have a few days.
  • Upon the expiration of a mission visa, no labor restrictions have been imposed.
  • If a worker on a mission visa wants to change jobs, it should be possible to do so without the need for a No Objection Letter (NOC), but for the worker to exit the UAE and enter on a new visa May be required.
  • Workers with a mission visa in dispute with their employer should go to the Department of Labor to file a complaint.
  • Anyone who has been banned from the UAE for some time cannot apply for a mission visa during the ban period.
  • Companies that want to arrange mission visas and are registered with the Ministry of Labor can apply for mission visas, if less than 500 employees work, 50% of the total number and if more than 500 are employed 100% of the total.


Special Mission Entry Visa

  • Companies can apply for a 16-day transit visa on your behalf, known as a special mission entry visa or service visa, which is different from a UAE mission visa that is valid for long-term stays and usually But issued to short-term temporary employees or employees on probation. The visa is valid for 14 days for entry to the UAE before arrival, and after entry, the visa holder can stay for a maximum of 16 days. Possibly 16 days includ entry and exit days.
  • The visa costs 84 USD.
  • 272 USD deposit (refundable) is required.
  • Health insurance required
  • The service visa is not renewable.
  • Restricted to businessmen and high-level professionals (doctors, teachers, engineers, etc.).
  • A UAE-based company will have to apply for a service visa.

Why Emirates Visa Application required? 

The Emirates visa is the most essential thing that you need to enter the UAE. This is a permit that you can use to remain in the UAE, for whatever purpose you wish to pursue, tourism, business, study, employment or any other. To get Emirates visa you can also apply through the offline and online processes also. But it should be remembered that it takes a long time to get an Emirates visa through an offline method. To get the Emirates Visa without any problem and an easy way to follow visa application process, you must apply online. The best platform to apply for Emirates Visa is emirates visa, where you’ll find all the process of filling the Emirates Visa application is straightforward, and you can fill it out in just a few minutes. You will not face any kind of difficulties. The process involve is you have to fill in your personal details and attaching the required documents and finally pay the Emirates Visa Fee. Once you fill in the application form and submit the necessary documents for Emirates Visa and pay the Emirates Visa Fee, the rest of the work is handled by their team. They will examine all your documents in depth and then process them at the Emirates Embassy for approval. Over the years, they have approved approximately one million Emirates visas and have built a large family of happy and satisfied customers. The customers always appreciate our visa services and recommend to their friends as well. Without any issue, they get their visa within no time. 


Apply for your visa now through Emirates Visa that will provide you best UAE Visa services. 

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