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tourism industry in the emirates

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When one thinks of the UAE, the picture that pops into mind is one of the beautiful deserts and gorgeous beaches of the country, and the various tourist attractions present in Dubai, where thousands of tourists flock to every day. And rightly so, because the Tourism Industry In The Emirates is one of the most important economic sectors of the country. The Emirates are known for their hospitality, and this is the reason behind the thriving Travel and Tourism sector, which is currently the most prominent and successful among the Gulf Countries, and very important among the Arab countries as well, apart from providing a source of livelihood to millions of Emirates nationals.

Tourism in Dubai: A Driving Force in the UAE Tourism Industry:

The success of the Tourism Industry in the UAE ties closely with the development of the tourism services in Dubai. The economy of Dubai is heavily reliant on the tourism sector, which was developed in order to provide an economy that could outlast the oil-based one. The wide-spread success of the tourist destinations in Dubai gave an impetus to the growth and improvement of the travel sector in the other six Emirates as well. As such, even though many tourist spots have been established in the other Emirates, Dubai still remains the biggest contributor to the economy of the United Arab Emirates.

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Popular Tourist Destinations in the United Arab Emirates:

The UAE have many tourist spots, which are beautiful and attractive to tourists. This is the reason behind millions of foreigners taking trips to the country every year, which further provides a boost to the sector. Here we have listed some of the best tourist sights in the UAE, which are a must-see for all visitors.

Dubai: The most visited city in the UAE, and one of the most expensive cities in the world. Two of the most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai are the world-renowned towers, Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, with the former being the tallest tower in the world. Dubai Mall is among the most popular malls in the world, and is home to some of the biggest brand outlets. Moreover, the Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is very well known and features a number of species, including penguins. The nightlife is also highly promoted, and adventure sports are very common. The most enticing feature about Dubai is its cultural richness, blended with the rapid development it has seen.

Abu Dhabi: The capital of the United Arab Emirates, is the second only to Dubai in being the most popular tourist location of the world. The most significant part of Abu Dhabi tourism is perhaps the Yas Marina Circuit, which is the hub of Formula One Racing in the country. Its close proximity to the Persian Gulf lends a beautiful landscape to this city, which includes ten operational beaches. Additionally, the lower degree of restrictions has made the nightlife of Abu Dhabi much more popular than Dubai.

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Ras Al Khaimah (RAK): Well-known for its pristine natural landscape, left untouched by human hands, RAK is home to the Al Hajar Mountains, the most popular of which is the Mt. Jabel Jais (the tallest peak in the UAE), offers a gorgeous view, with craggy peaks all the way down to the plains near the coast, and its orange hue on the rocks during the afternoon. This has made it a go-to destination for photographers. Jabel Jais also features the longest zipline in the world. Dhayah Fort, and the associated beach, are another tourist spot.

Fujairah: This Emirate is rapidly growing, though it is much less popular than cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Al Hajar Mountains from RAK extend all the way up to Fujairah, and offer an important tourist attraction. There are also a number of forts, including the Fujairah Fort and the Bitnah Fort, as well as the Al-Hayl Castle, Masafi, and the Snoopy Island. The culture of butt-butting also attracts tourists. 

Sharjah: While it is most well-known for being a major commercial hub in the UAE, it is also a part of the traditional tourist spots of the country, as it boasts of its Emirati spirit and culture in the face of growing modernization. Awarded the title of the "Cultural Capital of the Arab World" by UNESCO, Sharjah holds important tourist destinations like the Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah Heritage Site, Souk Al Markazi, and the Al Noor Mosque. Heart of Sharjah was a cultural project undertaken to preserve and restore the cultural heritage of the city. 

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While highlighting the Tourism Industry In The Emirates, we tried to inform you about the importance of the Travel and Tourism sector of the country, and to establish the place of Dubai in this sector. Apart from that, we also enlisted the major tourist attractions and destinations present in the UAE, most of which are a must-see for tourists, to help you know what not to miss on your trip to the country. 

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