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how to check fines on emirates id

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We will first know what an Emirates card is and why we use it. And then we can talk about checking the fine on the Emirates ID. So read and find out all the details regarding how to check fines on emirates id

How to check fines on the Emirates ID?

Emirates ID is the identification on the resident card of all UAE citizens and people who stay there in the UAE. It is a very personalized database for every resident in the UAE which should be carried at all times. It has an electronic chip containing important about the resident, which includes basic details, a photograph of the resident, and biometric data or fingerprints. This Emirates ID card is issued by Emirates Identification Authority – EIDA.

This ID can be used for several transactions such as phone and internet, electricity bills and other utility bills, paying fines, and also registering a vehicle can be done on this card. This Emirates ID card is soon going to take place of your debit card and driving license. Emirates ID has been replaced with the health insurance card. 


Identification Number is also known as identity number which stays with the holder forever, the individual will advantage of all government and non-government services and private entities' services. The identity number is known for its only purpose that the numbers are not limited. It has 15 different digits.

An electronic chip holds the personal data of the individual. All the data feed in the card can be read by a machine built for this objective and to authenticate the user's credentials. The data is encrypted and is writable, readable, or updatable only by the officials or Authorities for protecting the individual's privacy of data. The chip stored approximately 32,000 letters of information.

The identity card is an art technology in the field of smart cards, ultraviolet ink, and line drawing. It has a total of 9 features for security purposes which will also make falsification of the card very challenging because such features excel the current standards in many cards like debit and credit cards.

For owning an emirates card the applicant must fill out the e-form at one of the authorized typing centers or through online forms availed on the website of the federal authority for identity and citizenship – FAIC. The applicant will receive an SMS regarding where and when to register for the application. The applicant is required to proceed to the registration center mentioned in the SMS to complete the Procedures.


Go through the FAIC website for the application procedure needed and fees for getting an Emirates card or ID for:
- UAE nationals
- Resident
- GCC nationals residing in the UAE.

Federal Authority for identity and citizenship (FAIC) is providing bundled services for newborns and foreign prospective residents arriving in the UAE. 
The next step you will have to take is tracking your Emirates ID application on the website.

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) gives the facility of urgently receiving the Emirates ID card within 24 hours. This service is also known as "Fawri” and is eligible against the regular declared fees plus an emergency Service fee.

This service is availed for all age groups for UAE nationals and GCC nationals officially residing in UAE and can be gained for:
- First-time registration 
- Renewal of expired cards
- Lost or damaged cards
To check the fines in the UAE you will have to visit visa or Residence Visa, you will have to visit ICA Official Website through the procedure given below:

Required details-

Emirates ID Number
Step 1: to begin with go and visit the Abu Dhabi Police website
Step 2: By clicking the public service button, you will be able to see many options below Public services.
Step 3: After clicking on Public Services you will see an option named Traffic Inquiry, Inquiry by Emirates ID – individual fees, Inquiry by vehicle Plate, and Inquiry by Driving License.
Step 4: We want to check fine by Emirates ID so you can Click on that and Type your ID number in the Text box.
Step 5: once you have done that you can put the code in the text Image box.
Step 6: Click on submit after doing all the needed procedures and you will see the fees that you will have to pay on your emirates cards.
If you have some queries you can also chat live with customer service on the Abu Dhabi Police Website or Portal itself.


This was all about how to check fines on emirates idFor any details regarding Emirates Visa, you can contact EmiratesVisa

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Frequently Asked Questions

If an individual has a paper receipt then you can straightaway walk to the Abu Dhabi Police Station and make the payment there.
And if you do not have a receipt but there rules that you have broken then you can also go on the Abu Dhabi Police Website Portal but for that as well you will have to go to the website and create a user profile and sign in to Investigate. From the website, you can easily check your fines and pay the fines.

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