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Are you planning a trip to the UAE? Here’s how we can help you! If you are planning to visit Dubai or any of the seven emirates of UAE, you must apply for an emirates visa. To obtain your emirates visa, you must fill out the emirates visa application. This is generally the procedure well-known to many who want to book their visa to visit UAE. What if you have booked your emirates visa but now due to some reason you have to cancel your emirates visa? We will brief you about the emirates visa cancellation process! So you need not worry, we have got your back!

What is the Emirates visa cancellation process?

As frequently as people apply for visas, there are as many chances of canceling these visas. During the COVID-induced pandemic, there have been numerous escalating instances of Emirates flight cancellation has been on a constant high. This has led to revised versions of the emirates cancellation policy COVID-19 which in turn has made visa applicants cancel due to heavy fights cancellation. However, emirates customer care provides an easy way for UAE visa cancellation COVID. Despite an easy cancellation procedure, there are many rules and regulations you must follow to cancel your emirates visa.  

All the online booking visa centers regardless of the number of staff or employees are undergoing major difficulties and setbacks in responding to the busiest time they have faced in a long while! As recently as 23rd March 2020, the government of UAE has directed the suspension of all passenger services for two weeks. In the following weeks of suspension, the agencies have resorted to a heavy cancellation of visas due to the pandemic.

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Emirates visa cancellation process status:

Due to the volume of these cancellations, there has been an increase in the demand for UAE visa refund status. This has led to stringent visa cancellation status in the UAE that has been imposed on every nationalist. It has been duly reported by media publications that Emirates being one of the biggest networking foreign airlines in the world has half a million refund requests pending – a backlog that they plan to clear as soon as possible. Travel trade partners and customers have been adversely impacted due to the travel disruptions caused by the pandemic at large. Looking at the recent hike in the cancellation of booking flights, others have grown concerned to apply for a visa and those who have applied are now looking forward to Emirates visa cancellation status.

How does the Emirates visa cancellation process work?

All over the globe, choosing to fly with Emirates as it is the top dealer’s choice owing to its transparent policies that offer exclusive privileges and flexibility to all of its customers. However, as you must have applied for the emirates visa and gotten your visa processed quickly, you can cancel your visa by contacting the customer care service. Contacting our customer care service will streamline the process of cancellation and speed up your refund processing.

If you have applied for a tourist visa, you may not be required to cancel a visa and pay your visa cancellation charges as tourist visas are valid only for 60 days. After exceeding the 60 days of validity, that is after 2 months that tourist visa will automatically be invalid. Therefore, canceling the visa is not necessary. However, if you have applied for a shorter duration than the expected stay permit of your tourist visa or have applied for your family’s resident visa, you will have to cancel your tourist visa and pay the visa cancellation fee in UAE.

Employment visa cancellation: If you are working in UAE under an employment visa comprises 2 steps: Labor card cancellation and resident visa cancellation. You will have to get your sponsor to cancel your visa. If your sponsor is a company, then it must apply for the cancellation of your visa by canceling the labor card and contract.

You must have your application ID and original passport to process your UAE visa cancellation paper. You can check for your visa cancellation status in UAE online as well to keep tabs on your refund processing time.

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Emirates visa cancellation process – Refund Policy:

You are eligible for refund processing only if you qualify for the following terms and conditions:

  •     If you have applied for immediate cancellation within 4 hours of the payment of the emirates visa being made, then your entire emirates visa fee apart from payment gateway charges and added bank charges will be refunded back to you.
  •     If you have canceled the emirates visa booking within 24 hours of your payment being made, then your emirates visa fees will be deducted by 50% and the remaining balance will be duly refunded. The refund service free will not be incurred if you have canceled your emirates visa booking within 24 hours.
  •     If you cannot produce the additional documents that the embassy requires to cancel the visa, in this particular case, you will not be entitled to a refund. Furthermore, if you want to cancel your emirates visa, you will not be entitled to a refund if your visa is currently undergoing processing at the embassy.
  •     If your visa has been rejected by the embassy, you will not be entitled to the refund fee.
  •     If you have been rejected by the embassy or are under processing for visa cancellation, the service fee and transaction charges will not be refunded under any circumstance.
  •     Extra charges paid will not be refunded if you have applied for an emergency visa under any circumstance.
  1. In case there are any errors in your application for requesting a refund, we at emirates visa will correct your errors for you.
  2. By all means, as we are issuing the refund, we also reserve the right to refuse refund processing for any application for a reasonable purpose.  
  3. Emirates visa will not be legally binding for a cancellation that has been initiated through you regardless of your circumstances unless you cancel your application before submitting the documents required.
  4. Once your application has been received and put for processing, no refund of visa fees, embassy fees, or services fees will be provided to you.
  5. If you have overstayed on your emirates visa in UAE, you will be held accountable to pay a visa fine of the penalty amount depending on the duration of days you have overstayed in UAE. You can apply for a visa and pay the required visa fees only if you have paid your visa fine.
  6. Insurance cancellation will not be processed and the fees for insurance cancellation will not be refunded under any circumstance. In case your visa has been rejected there will be no refund made.
  7. Applications that have been processed by the UAE immigration desk will be canceled and the immigration visa fees will not be refunded.
  8. Customers below 18 shall not use the visa services and are also not allowed to transact any visa fees or related processes.
  9. Nationalities belonging to Syria, Yemen, and Pakistan (single traveling men) are not entitled to any visa refund if their visas have been rejected by the embassy. Emirates Visa will not be held accountable in this case.
  10. If your cancellation of visa is processed for some major specified reasons, your visa fees will be refunded in credits form. This credit amount will remain in your wallet with a lifetime validity which can be used for further emirates visa booking.

These are some of the emirates visa cancellation processes and refund policies that you must adhere to if you want to cancel your emirates visa!

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