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The United Arab Emirates is a place of adventure and cultural comparison. What best reason to immerse oneself in the local community than by attending an Emirates Festival if you're heading there? The country offers a diverse range of activities for the entire family, from dune buggy racing to jazz music, camel beauty pageants to dining. In this article, we have talked about Emirates Festivals You Must Visit.

Festivals in the United Arab Emirates are colorful:

Dubai Shopping Festival

Move over, Paris and Milan: Dubai has cemented its place as one of the world's major destinations. If nothing more appeals to you in your new home than a little food shopping, why not take it a step further by attending the Dubai Shopping Festival? Since its inception in 1996, the festival has been the go-to activity for bargain hunters. There's even more fun for the entire family, with concerts, food, and other activities.

Eid Al Fitr

The end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of silence, is commemorated with Eid Al Fitr (often simply referred to as Eid). It's one of the most popular religious festivals in the Islamic world, and the UAE celebrates it with a national holiday. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there are plenty of activities to attend, ranging from chain store discounts to impressive firework shows, no matter where you are.

UAE National Day

Among the most significant moments on the UAE calendar is National Day. It is held on the 2nd of December to commemorate the UAE's formal independence from the United Kingdom and the unification of the country's seven emirates. Locals dress in national flag colors and parade through the streets to a variety of celebrations, namely dance performances, concerts, and more.


Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

The exciting conclusion of the Formula One world championships has been held in the United Arab Emirates Visa since 2009. The world's fastest drivers compete on the track underneath the lights of the spectacular Yas Marina Circuit for the coveted start line. The entire city comes alive with distinctive Formula 1 buzz during race weekend.

Al Dhafra

Al Dhafra is one of the largest festivals of local Bedouin culture in the world. The festival, which takes place near the Empty Quarter, showcases a variety of Emirati customs, including falconry and camel racing, as well as handicrafts and live entertainment. The children's village also offers a variety of activities for them, such as art workshops, cooking lessons, and more.

Dubai International Film Festival

If you're a movie buff, make sure the Dubai Tourism Development Corporation is on your calendar. Some of Hollywood's biggest stars visit the UAE for this famous festival, where they screen and discuss their new projects with fans and commentators. The festival's greatest attraction, however, is the opportunity it provides for local filmmakers.

Dubai International Jazz Festival

The Dubai International Jazz Festival has grown to become one of the most prominent music festivals in the Mideast since its inception in 2003. The festival has welcomed award-winning international stars such as Ricky Martin and Alicia Keys, in addition to encouraging the world's best jazz musicians. If you're a jazz aficionado or a pop princess, the Dubai International Jazz Festival has something for everyone.

Awafi Festival

Do you want to get away from the city? Then take a trip north to see the famous Awafi Festival. Thousands of residents flock to the dunes of the Ras al-Khaimah deserts every spring to participate in the festival, which honors the emirate's racial and linguistic heritage. A heritage settlement and traditional souk market are located alongside other contemporary artists such as theatre events and local handicraft workshops.

Abu Dhabi Festival in the Park

Abu Dhabi's Festival inside the Park is a showcase of music and architecture from around the seven emirates, performed in the lush surroundings of Umm Al Emarat Park. The festival is truly family-friendly, with performances and presentations in both Arabic and English. There's something for everyone, from kids' toys and drumming classes to stand-up comedy and Arabic film screenings. There's even a marketplace where you can buy a variety of handcrafted items made in the region.


Prophet’s Birthday

The Prophet's Birthday is among the most significant dates in the Islamic calendar. The Islamic Prophet Muhammed's life is commemorated on this day. Locals often commemorate the moment with parades to express their affection and admiration for him. These gatherings usually end with a meal (and birthday cake) shared with friends and relatives. Be conscious, however, that now the Prophet's Birthday is a dry day in the United States, which means that alcohol sales are restricted in bars and restaurants throughout the world.

The United Arab Emirates is also one of the world's richest countries and unquestionably the most influential in the region. The United Arab Emirates is noted for cultural amalgamation, in addition to impressive structures and vast deserts. A wide range of ethnic and religious fields sleep in the Middle East's most global cities. To Apply Emirates Visa, there are a variety of festivals to attend. A vacation in this city of sheikhs is a sight to behold. 

So this was all about Emirates Festivals You Must Visit. So get your Emirates Visa and explore the nation.

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