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Must know about the facts , culture and history of ajman emirate

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The 7 emirates of the United Arab Emirates, are full of wonder and glory that is popular due to their immense stardom and lively night lifestyle. This is the reason why all the emirates of the UAE are highly extravagant and extremely attractive for the purpose of tourism. Although, most of you must be aware of Dubai but we would help you know about one of the hidden gems of UAE too! We introduce you to the Ajman Emirate of UAE so brace yourself to take a tour of the smallest place which constitutes the Federation of the United Arab Emirates.

Facts about Ajman Emirate

Usually, people take a short trip from Ajman to Dubai, Ajman city is the fourth most populous emirate of UAE with an Ajman population of more than 500,000. The Ajman area is about a mere 260 square kilometers making it the smallest of all the emirates. The population residing in Ajman are mostly expatriates that have settled from across the globe for a peaceful and stable livelihood. It has a booming real estate market for its global investors. Fishing and textiles are known to be its main thriving industry. It was previously known through its former name of Trucial Oman or Trucial States. Although it is not as economically strong as the rest of the emirates, it is mostly known for its beaches and rugged Hajar Mountains.

Ajman City also happens to be the residence of His Highness Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid al Nuaimi, the Ruler of Emirates. Therefore, Ajman Ruler city has accommodated all the government departments, commercial markets, and the port of Ajman that is located on the Creek passing through the city along with the royal entities and the Ruler’s courts.

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Places to visit in Ajman Emirate

The interesting places to visit are Ajman fort, Ajman National Museum, the Sheikh Zayed Ajman Mosque, Red Fort, and Emirates city. It is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf with the main landmass being bordered on the sides of north, east, and south by the Emirate of Sharjah.

These emirates happen to encompass two major landlocked enclaves known as Manama and Masfout. Manama is located in the plains that lie on the foothills of the Hajar Mountains from a distance of 60 km east of Ajman, whereas Masfout is in the mountain areas from a distance of 110 km south of Ajman City.

Although the main territory of the city is bordered by the landward side of Sharjah, Manama shares its borders with both Sharjah and Fujairah. Both these landlocked enclaves Manama and Masfout are known to be the fertile regions supporting agriculture and fostering further development. They are also known for their valleys and high mountains that are rich in magnesium, chromate, and rocks. Some of the famous mountains such as Data and Leshan, and wide valleys such as Khalifa.

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Culture of Ajman Emirate

It remains true to its traditions and diversity in cultural heritage for centuries now which has enabled it to prosper in terms of wealth and success of its glory. Ajman has begun to evolve into a more modernized city through its progressive achievements. Even though it offers you the modernized updated services and facilities, it still has enriching customs at its core reflecting its traditions. Thereby, enabling this Emirates to enjoy the prestigious privilege of royalty.

The Ajman beaches are known for their distinctiveness due to their wide hub of beaches and it distinguishes itself with the unique beachfront atmosphere. There are exquisite cuisines that you can enjoy within the local communities that are well known for their delicious dishes such as harees, matchbooks, tharid, and other richness of desserts such as maqamat. Balaleet, with many types of bread and bakery products such as khameer, raqaq, and chebab, all of these dishes use the feature ingredient that duly reflects local flavors. The ongoing influx has also made its cuisine very inclusive so that people can relish diversity in the food culture meanwhile introducing many dishes to local cuisine from Levant and Egypt, such as hummus, fava beans, falafel, and other middle-eastern dishes. Besides, Ajman emirate is also ranked as the 3rd city that excels at making ready-made garments running massive industrial projects.

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