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travel restrictions to know for tourists

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The United Arab Emirates is a well-known place and every nation of every country is aware of the UAE. Only a few people can name each and every country in this world but every nation of every country can tell you that the Emirates is a beautiful place to visit, which is obvious as every year millions of people visit the Emirates and the UAE earns billions from its tourism. The UAE has a very high tourism rate and that's why the UAE government always takes strict steps to provide good service and security to visitors. 

As we all know, a few years back COVID-19 came to the show and every country has been suffering from this virus ever since. You can still travel to the Emirates and even other countries but there are some strict travel restrictions in emirates that should be kept in mind. You can visit Emiratesvisa and know more about Emirates visas, at the same time you can even apply for your Emirates visa within a few minutes. Travel restrictions are today’s topic and let's dive to see what we have here. 


22 February 2022 

On 22nd February 2022, the UAE government introduced some new and updated guidelines for international travellers. These are as follows: 

  • If you have your vaccination certificate, you don’t need an RT-PCR report

As per the guidelines launched on 22 Feb 2022, as a traveler if you have your COVID-19 vaccination certificate and all vaccination doses are completely taken, then you don’t need an RT-PCR test result. What you need to do is just carry your vaccination certificate and it should have a QR code. 

  • RT-PCR is required if you don’t have a vaccination certificate

As per the guidelines, if you are not vaccinated and don’t have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, then it is important to submit the RT-PCR negative test result. The exam must be completed no later than 48 hours before arrival; else, it won't be accepted as genuine.


19 May 2022

On 19 May 2022, the UAE government updated the Travelling rules to visit Dubai. These are as follows: 

  • Display a current COVID-19 vaccination certificate at the airport attesting to the passenger's complete immunization with a shot recognized as safe by the WHO or the UAE. A QR code must be included on the certificate.
  • provide a valid COVID-19 test certificate that is negative. A molecular diagnostic test created for qualitatively identifying SARS-COV2 virus RNA nucleic acid should serve as the foundation for the certificate. The certificate must contain a QR code and be issued by a licensed health service provider within 48 hours of the sample's collection.
  • A recent medical certificate attesting to the passenger's recovery from the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was issued no more than one month previous to the date of arrival and signed by the competent authorities.


Exemptions For The Covid-19 In UAE 

  • UAE nationals returning from any country 

All Nationals returning from any country are not required to show any documents or test results. They can enter back to their country without any issue. 

  • Domestic workers who are traveling with a UAE national sponsor and a first-degree relative who is a UAE national.

The following persons are not required to undergo a COVID-19 test:

  • Travelers under the age of 12 who have a moderate or severe disability

Things Not To Do While Travelling To UAE 

  • Don’t Show PDA 

Avoid excessive public displays of affection with your partner or spouse out of respect for local traditions as this is quite unusual in the UAE. But although holding hands between married partners is permitted, performing any immoral conduct in public is not.

  • Don’t Drink Too Much In Public 

Since licensed establishments are permitted to provide alcoholic drinks, alcohol is not entirely forbidden. Nevertheless, being intoxicated in public is prohibited. Drinking in public may result in fines, jail time, or even expulsion, so use caution when visiting the UAE, keep your distance, and refrain from getting wasted. Only consuming alcohol at home or in a licensed establishment is acceptable.

  • Don’t Initiate Handshakes While Meeting Someone

One thing to constantly keep in mind is that there may be quite a difference between the genders, especially if this is your first time visiting the UAE. Keep in mind that you should not shake hands with someone of the opposing gender until they go to do so first.



When visiting the UAE, there are several travel limitations that you must be aware of, and this page has all the necessary details. Travelling to the UAE is not difficult, nor obtaining a visa. You can visit Emiratesvisa and obtain your visa by simply filling out a visa application form. You can easily travel in the UAE but you should follow all the rules and regulations imposed by the government, otherwise, strict actions can be taken against you.

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