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police clearance certificate for person staying outside emirates

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You can need a good certificate of conduct, known as a police clearance certificate if you are going to the Emirates for jobs. While it might not be mandatory for all visas, some embassies still recommend that people apply for this credential. They will ensure that visa applications are processed quickly and smoothly if requirements change. In certain situations, when you live in or after returning home, you might also need a PCC. We look in this article from Pacific Prime Dubai at how you can apply for a police clearance for person staying outside Emirates.

About Police Clearance Certificate 

A certificate of police clearance (PCC) or a certificate of proper conduct is a document provided by the local authority that states that you have no criminal record in the country where you live. The UAE issues a certificate to the police departments around the country, which demonstrates that the individual has no criminal precedents or is not charged with them.

Need of PCC

If you apply for a new job in the UAE, a police clearance certificate might be required. If you travel in the country abroad, you will also need this. More applications for jobs are currently being sought by the police and background checks, in particular in the roles of protection, children, and vulnerable adults.

For example, if you work in banks or as a teacher, you can have to make background checks which date back many years. You might also need more than one certificate, depending on how long you lived in the UAE. Your employer will inform you about the required time frame.

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Process to Police Clearance Certificate Staying Outside Emirates

The PCCs can be requested online on the website of the Interior Ministry (MOI) for applicants who currently live or are no longer UAE residents. Additional choices include visiting your mobile or using the MOI UAE app on your smartphone. You can use your e-payment card to fill out the application form and, if you like, pay the relevant fees.

The website of the Dubai Police or the police app of Dubai can be used in Dubai. To go the offline way, go to one of the offices of the Dubai Police.

Documents Required

Each Emirate deals with clearances differently. You wouldn't have to come back to the UAE to get a police clearance certificate if you stayed in Dubai. By late 2019 the application no longer needs fingerprints – although they were previously not required if you did not have an Emirates ID. This amendment allows the obtaining of a certificate on behalf of applicants seeking to have a third party.

For those requesting a PCC in Dubai, the following documents are required:

  • Copy of the passport
  • Visa cancelation page for UAE residents
  • Passport scanned copy x 1
  • Language certificate confirmation in Arabic or English
  • ID of Emirates

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Former UAE residents

If you are a former UAE citizen, you will have to get the country you live in and get it authenticated by the local UAE embassy with a fingerprint stamp. This form of card is an official police report confirming a person's identity on the basis of decimal and biometric fingerprints. You can submit the clearance certificate application electronically to either the Dubai Police or the MOI after you have your fingerprint passport.

Validity of PCC

Three months after issuance of the Police Clearance Certificate is valid. If you use a certificate outside the UAE, the certificate or the Foreign Ministry (MoFA) stamp will possibly have to be legalized.

Police Clearance Certificate Processing Time

It takes between three to five days to grant the police clearance certificate, but that depends on the police department. Each Emirate will also have a different timeline. The MoFA stamp can be applied once the document is issued. Remember that only in person can it be applied and not conducted by any other means like postal services.

On the same working day, the stamp will normally be handled. You don't have to make an appointment since a queuing mechanism is used. You can have to wait a while, particularly if you go during peak hours. It is recommended to give this stage plenty of time.

Important Point

You will also need a medical evaluation and health insurance if you apply for a police clearance certificate for your UAE visa. Before heading to the UAE, make sure that you have a full health insurance plan. Our Pacific Prime specialist consultants are pleased to help you find the international health insurance package to fit your needs and budget.

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Final Words

So this is all about the process you need to follow to get a Police Clearance Certificate for Person Staying Outside Emirates. For more information, you can reach out to Emirates Visa Online. You can also apply for Emirates Visa through Emirates Visa, which is the best online platform for availing the Emirates Visa.

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