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In order to work legally in Dubai, all expatriate workers must have a valid residence visa. One of the most common types is the Nanny Visa. The following article will explain how to get this type of visa and what it entails. If you are an overseas citizen with a nanny job offer in the UAE, there are several documents that you need to prepare before applying for a visa. This article will instruct all the readers to go through the visa application process for a nanny visa and what records and credentials owners must be required to apply for the correct visa category. Emirates Nanny Visa is the best place to find out how you can get a visa for the United Arab Emirates. We have placed concurrently all of the facts you need about a nanny visa, from requirements and application advice to the medical testing ts and its importance. Our dedicated team at Emirates Nanny Visa will guide you step-by-step through the process of applying for a nanny visa with our exclusive online toolkit – making it easy to apply in just 5 simple steps.


Nanny In Dubai Has Substantial Benefits.

  • Salary must be paid in less than ten days of a given deadline, as specified in the normal contract.
  • Weekly, you will be reimbursed for another day of relaxation.
  • 12 hours of sleep each day, including 8 hours of continuous sleep
  • Every year, you are entitled to 30 days of paid holiday.
  • Health-care coverage
  • Every year, you are entitled to thirty days of sick leave day
  • Each 2 years, the round ticket back
  • Lodging
  • Just at the expenditure of the employers, decent food
  • At the expense of the employer, appropriate clothing is for the job to also be performed.
  • Personal identifying documents, including passports and identity documents, are in their control.
  • The maid can fly to the nation once she receives the professional entrance permit.
  • Take them to one of Dubai's Fourteen health centers for a health screening check-up when she arrives.

How to Apply For an Emirates Nanny Visa 

Here are a few steps to guide you toward an emirates nanny visa :

  1. First and foremost, visitors must apply for the examination at an authorized typing center. The Emirates ID will cost you at least AED 140, plus the additional AED 30 writing fee.
  2. Visitors will receive a Text message and also a courier informing them of the health findings.
  3. Take the maid to the Emirates ID and Identity department to apply online and enroll in the biometrics once she has passed the physical test
  4. Go to an authorized typewriter center and submit for the Resident Residence Permit once you've enrolled for the Emirates ID.
  5. The visa application form was written in a Dubai-based certified typewriter center.


Emirates Nanny Visa Requirments

  • Photographs of the sponsor as well as the nanny in passport format.
  • Photocopies of the sponsor's passports and the applicant's passports
  • The sponsor's financial statements for the month.
  • A photocopy of the sponsor's labor agreement in the United Arab Emirates.
  • A photocopy of the sponsor's medical plan is required.
  • The Salary Certification of the Sponsorship.
  • Physical Wellness Certification for the nanny, either from their home nation or from UAE.
  • a hardcopy of the sponsor's lease agreement
  • If the nanny is in the same nation, a certification of non-relationship from the embassy

Emirates Nanny Visa Renewal

.The platform is built to be automated. It indicates that the data are entered into the DNRD system and a text message is sent to the corporate sponsor cell. Regardless of whether it is, DNRD once more maintains a prominent role in nanny id visa renewals. However, these Individuals could also contact the finest immigration providers in Dubai, to renew the nanny visa and avoid all the headaches that come with it.

Acquire the nanny s residency/employment permit One must send an application form, a photocopy of the maid's passport, the genuine wage certification, housing information, nanny pictures, as well as an affirmation from the consular certifying non-relationship if somehow the nanny is from the native country.

How to Renew A Nanny Visa For The Emirates

  •  Get a resident stamp on the maid's passport
  • Bring the stamped employment permit,
  •  medical fitness reports, 
  • a valid passport of the owner 
  •  income certifications
  •  the nanny's passport to the residence division.
  •  Gather the signature of both the owner and the nanny on the single contract. Can get the police there just to sign the document.
  •  The nanny's passport is stamped with each year's residence certificate.

However, an Emirates visit visa can surely help you to find your things better. Our experts can help you to sort out all your difficulties while renewing the nanny visa. 


How to Terminate Nanny Visa For Emirates Nationals

If the owner is unhappy with the nanny's performance or personality, they can have the visa revoked. To terminate a Dubai nanny visa, go to DNRD and fill out a visa cancellation form, which the owner must fill up the form to terminate the nanny visa. One has to follow the steps below:

  • Prepare applications
  • for the nanny residence visa to be revoked
  •  Enclosed is a photocopy of a nanny's passport as well as a one-way ticket to the home nation.
  •  Take the application form for a nanny visa, residential nanny passport, and work card to the immigration department.
  •  Take your nanny to the airports with the passports and cancellation paperwork on the day before departing.
  •  Fill out the other form 

Any reputed visa agency could organize the travel from her home nation to Dubai for the nanny. When your nanny comes to the UAE, they give her a nanny's visa, because she'll be eligible to function just for its owner.

What If Nanny Wants to Travel Back to Their Nation

The following items are included in the travel help service:

  • Ticket to the United Arab Emirates
  • Access to her country's international airport

How to Apply For a Nanny Medical Test

Once paying additional money, the DNRD would provide the residency visa, and the physical examination could be completed at each of the 14 government-approved locations

  • One will have to request that your maid undergo a blood sample, x-ray, and an Hbv Infection immunization.
  • They will send a Text message and also a delivery informing them of the medical findings.
  •  Take your maid to the Emirates ID and Identifying department to submit the request and enroll in the biometrics once she has passed the physical test.
  • After you've enrolled for an Emirates ID, go to one of the following locations.


Finally, one may be considering hiring a nanny but also are unsure how and where to apply for an Emirates Visa. We've given readers all of the information you'll need to make filing for an Emirates Nanny Visa as straightforward as possible. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us using the contact on the website, and a representative of the staff will respond as soon as possible. There seem to be a variety of visas accessible to ex-pats in the UAE, and you must get the right one for the position. Our article will assist you in determining the visa readers require as well as how to obtain one. If you do have any concerns regarding our services, please contact us.

Apply Emirates Visa

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